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Women and Shopping - Who Controls Whom ?


Did I tell you how I had planned to devour my first pay check after I resumed full time work from Aug?

My initial plan was to pledge my three months salary to visit either Morocco or Spain. But then I realized my will power is not as strong as I think it is. May be my savings would be just enough to finance the tickets but what about the lodging and trying local delicacies and shopping.

Hey, that’s when I rely on my equity investor, Sinha Ji, in good and bad times.

Somehow, my Libran’s balanced approach goes out of the window and take an auto ride when i see my card lazing around in my wallet and do no good for me materialistically. And oh so naturally I get succumbed to the lure of shopping to cherish my regained financial independence.

When you work for some 9 long years and then you take a break, you almost feel next to being an unqualified struggling bachelor with no influence on anything whatsoever, abla naari ekdum bechari.
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