Rejections = Reignited Passion = Refueling Dreams

Go take a walk Chris Dixon. Sir its much easier said,
then done !
Who likes seeing rejection e-mails as first thing in the morning, definitely not me. But then somehow,  they do come to shake you up and wake you up and slap you in your face to tell you - listen you are not good enough - you are not good enough, still. And that brings a sudden gush of blood in your ears and face and you re-read the e-mail- once, twice, thrice - go around and do it again. 

Unhhhh !

This is second consecutive rejection, another one was was last Monday and now this one.

Should i let it bog me down or get me started again with same or rather more enthusiasm, fervour and being more bullish all the way up.

Getting up and running is the only thing i know - even if its written - you win or you lose.