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Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Cup of Tea in Solitude #IndiSpire49

Living in rich diversity is a quentissential part of being Indian. Our county has ability to give birth to alteast 10 more countries, if not more.  

And our diversity is not just limited to the people having different skin color, religion, case, creed or language. Its vastness embraces the other domesticated forms of fauna too. Such as lizards (chipkali), cockroaches (tilchitta - as per google), mosquitoes (machar) , mouse (chooha raam), housefly (makkhi), cat (billi mausi), monkey (bandar mama) and pigeon (kabootar ja ja ja). You might have not thought about it in your general day to day senses, who has the time to do that. But you will agree with me that these 8 creatures are very much part of an Indian middle class family aka extended family. Each one of them giving us company in not so lonely household, already bustling with people. 

“Solitude is fine but you need someone to tell that solitude is fine.”
Honoré de Balzac 
No wonder in our culture we don't endorse or believe in the concept of 'giving space'. And all this learning came to me in solitude during one of my visit to small town - where i belong. And i couldn't help but wonder how much solitude teaches some of the most valuable lessons in one's life or compels you to observe with or without humour !

Like in case you have found yourself alone and its raining and you are yearning for a cup of hot tea  - The attentive oggy cockroaches will keep an eye on exactly the number of elaichi, cheeni, patti and dhoodh  you have used. And if milk is still left in the pan, please chek if our billi mausi* has not already licked off its malai. 

Its solitude that teaches you to care about how *Billi Mausi is westernized over the years. They used to call her Garfield - a plump shrewd cat always on the right side of the scale. And i guess Talking Tom is her recent gravatar. 

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Start of Spring - Basant Panchmi

Too tough to capture our spring season !
Today in a small pooja, Sanvi wrote her first alphabets on a copy in front of Maa Saraswati. I have been told to keep the notebook and pencil safe for her to show when she is grown up. 

And, i suppose this will be recorded as her first official attempt to write sans her abstract art that she had drawn all over our walls and furniture. The only sad part is there are not enough buyers in the market for such art or may be its time has not come as yet. But i can imagine in future the digital madness will crawl so much in our life that the first 'clicks' or first 'swipe' on touch screen will be recorded. 

Digital impressions of digitally native generation. What a thought !

Back home, i remember during childhood Mummy used to dress us up in orange or yellow colored frocks marking celebration of Basant Panchmi. After wedding i learnt its also called as Sarsarwati Pooja in eastern belt. Following both my maate  i too dressed her in bright spring color and made her worship. 

I am not sure if i had done enough of pooja on this day. I mean relatively, if you see me and Sinha Ji. He must have done it more and better, proper format. So much so that, everyone in his family remembers this topper's percentage, even today. You can ask for any standard.

This reminds me that for once, we had a major fight while he was doing his MBA. I had planned for a weekend getaway to somewhere and then he was not willing initially, but we still went. And, then there was some assignment to do or something something of some academic sort. Finally, he got little less marks than his usual 'highest in the class' types. And i was like how does it matter yaar, you are doing PG now. And for the record, he did it after working with an MNC for few years. So, technically he should have been more oblivious to this marks matter.
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