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Monday, December 01, 2014

We Live Here

Nice Road as seen from the bridge over Kanakpura Road connecting Sri Kumaran School. Going up this road, you will reach Electronic city, Bannerghatta, Hosur Road. Down you reach Mysore Road. Nice road is an acronym for Nandi Infrastructure Corridor Enterprise. One of our guest asked us recently, "Why you call it NICE road? Their toll tax is so high" !

In the name of blogging this Diwali i got a bumper gift, a Canon Digital EOS 1200D. A big thank you goes to my bhai, SC (nick name Shinde). If you are reading this, please note - your Didi almost gone mad and will remain so after photography atleast for some time. Above status message i posted on my FB account out of sheer happiness. Little did i know i will be in so much of awe to use my new prized possession DSLR that i won't use it even once. When I sent Snv's birthday pictures clicked with our old pocket canon, my younger sister PC (Jaengo) didn't miss a chance to tell Shinde...

"What a waste selection it was to gift a DSLR to Didi." 

Hunnhhh ! 

I was like, i am little scared right now if i twist or click something. I have a long history of breaking gadgets like ice-cream maker in school time. And see, I wanted something like this ever since 2011 (after we visited Greece) . After going to Santorini I realized i should have thought of atleast borrowing a cam from some friend. The place was astoundingly beautiful. And now when i have it i better attend a class before lazying around like every monkey has it (actually). 

So, Sinha Ji as thoughtful he is. He gave me an anniversary gift - An opportunity to learn basics of photography. I have got a seat in "Lets Click" photography class happening over this weekend. In this class they will teach us the basics at Lal Bagh Botanical Gardens Glass House. Thank you so much. 
With all excitement i am looking forward to my class. Today, to get friendly with my lens, i carried it along my morning walk around 6 am.

Sharing two best clicks. 

The adjacent building is where we live, surrounded by Jungle. Oh no ! Sorry. We live in woods, suburbia lol.
Yeah, that's how they call it in posh parties :-) I can't tell you the pics specifics because i don't know.
I clicked and came back happy. Looks like photo blogs are going be my new craze. 

To motivate this new latent talent in me, please leave a reply saying nice clicks heheh.

PS: Jaengo, I am not letting this cam go off my hand. 
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