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Saturday, February 14, 2015

"Being We" is "Happy Me"

My Valentine day started from yesterday. I watched two great romcoms at my fav channel, Romedy Now. Thanks to my lovely daughter who decided to pace out with an unpredictable evening nap like an infant at 5 pm. It was a much needed break after a day which started as early as 5 following an important meeting at MG Road Boulevard and returning home - all the way feeling the heat of Bangalore, wondering are you already in Delhi?

So, 5 to 8 taka tak movie dekho and be a couch potato ! This is what I mean when I say I am committed to 'go with the flow' of parenting and look at the opportunity at hand if the kid is not following her regular routine.

I was glued to "The Ghosts of My Girl Friends Past" and "The Notebook". The former one was not that intense or should I say there were less scenes or dialouges with which I could relate my love story. That's what we all do, isin't? We try to find similarity in all the goodness and richness of love when we watch a good love story !

But I bet you must watch, "The Notebook". It's inspired from a novel and set up in 1940s. You would enjoy every bit if you are fond of that vintage style clothing and architecture, too. There is a lot that I can write about the movie and its dialogue but here I am sharing couple of my favourite ones from the novel and movie.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Gore Hain to Kya Hua ?

With frequent skype calls i have realized i look horrible, so much so that, i keep looking at my own pic as how am i looking or like is it really me types. 

And in between couldn't help but notice, Sinha Ji's improved complexion. 

And the funniest part is when I asked so how is everything there ?

He took a deep breath (sign of something serious he is about to blurt) and then said, "Yeh log gore to bahut hote hain" !

I was like what ? You are an open racist out there !

That's for a fact that Indians are most discriminatory in nature ( someone had told me from their international NGO experience). 

And she also said, that the most "superiority complex"ones are the Arabs. And i had experienced this on Dubai airport, very much to my horror on my first international flight (alone).

Monday, February 09, 2015

Love Being Daughter #Valentine_Series

I am not being able to keep up with each day blog post due to work or otherwise. But the spirit is up and in the air.

Papa has a magic wand with which i can do anything. 

Papa with her mini version of bitiya. The Ganesha in the middle is the one he gifted us during Grih Pravesh, specially made
to order from Aligarh. If you notice the trunk is facing the right side and not left. That's because it's avatar of
Siddhi Vinayak Ji. The bobby pins and a lot more hair accessories he gifted me on a visit to Delhi. 

Monday, February 02, 2015

You Are My Home - Day 2 #Valentine_Series

Right now its standing tall with pride next to my
study and all the blog posts are written under
its radiance. 
I read somewhere, it doesn't matter how big is the house . What matters - How happy is the home? I keep referring to home sweet home in a lot of my posts because, i have a fixation or a kind of obsessive sweet relationship with it. And, it may seem out of context to write about it here, but then, you start loving the things too; which make your concrete apartment a cozy, friendly place to nest. 

It just stands by you in all weather mutely giving you solace and strength. 

So, the gift i am featuring today is this black metal lamp, which i got in my wedding. For one year it was lying at Mathura itself since we were in Mumbai and the flat is too small plus already fully furnished. In 2010 when we shifted to Bangalore, i got it during one my home visits. 

Yamini Bhabhi hope you are doing well and keeping warm in Canada's winter. Love to all.
In the last picture on right, Yamini Bhabhi is standing on my left hand side. This beautiful lamp is gifted by her 
on our wedding. She belongs to Moradabad (UP) and the place is famous for such intricate rot iron stuff. 
L to R : Me, Yamini Bhabhi, her son Duggu, Megha Bhabhi, Alka Bhabhi, Tai Ji, Shubhi, Akshita and Preeti.
Pic is taken on Goverdhan Pooja, celebrated a day after Diwali. Ever since my childhood, 
i have seen it has become a tradition to have one Goverdhan Pooja at Akshay Bhaiya's place. 
Great family get together.  

Sunday, February 01, 2015

Lot Like Love - Day 1 #Valentine_Series

You have to come over for a cup of tea
to listen how it sounds !
Hello there.

This month each day i am going to celebrate love and gifts. I mean we have so much in our lives but so little time to just sit back and cherish what we have. To go back in the memories and think of the good time.


So, in February, I am going to feature all those 'gifts' that i have got from lovely people that are okay to keep up with me in whatever bad mood i am.

The first item in our list is this sea shell wind chime which she got me from Goa.

Right now adoring my balcony and a perfect companion when i sit there during evenings with my cup of tea and newspaper.

And since Bangalore is quite windy, its clink clink music keeps reminding me of her love and loath for my curly hair and outdated clothes ;0 "Didi, laao main shopping karaun aapko " !

That's a view from my balcony and my little sister. Every year she pays a
summer visit to us and act as a fashion police. Showering me with 
accessories and "Dilli-Ka-Phasion"  you see South Delhiites - OMG !