Guest Post : Brief Brush With Bollywood

By Bhavana Pande

A Mumbai Eye Care Campaign representative and a bollywood buff by heart had a brief brush with bollywood past these couple of months. We all know of the impact of these known glamorous faces on the people where it’s beyond mere entertainment that people want to know more, live like their stars and desire to once wave and touch them! And probably this craze for reel heroes helps when an Amitabh Bachchan announces ‘Zindagi ke do boond’ to create a desired effect!

We hear stories of how these celebrities yearn for promoting their work and boost their image by adapting a benevolent style but on the other hand also have those unspoken incidents where they have done their bit for the society without making much hullabaloo. I presume I am opportune to meet the later ones more often.

Though we tried to touch many celeb hearts past these few months we managed to sit table across discussing the campaign with Rahul Bose in his own organization office called ‘Foundation’ which works against Sexual Abuse of Children and also supports the education of few tsunami affected kids. Here we met a Rahul who was already suffocated with the many causes he is supporting and many bodies he is representing already.”

After a popular demand at our office we contacted Cine star Naseeruddin Shah and managed to get his appointment at his shooting set in Goregaon, Mumbai. Shweta, Nitin and myself were inside a half constructed five star hotel wherein the owner seems to prove the world in his own way that to what extent a place can throttle you. The interiors were stinking rich and made you feel so dispirited. When we reached the hotel room where the camera was rolling we saw a Naseer who is about to collapse after 10 retakes only for “kaun? Woh!” by Mr. Dev Anand!

After the shot when Naseerji walked towards is room probably with the intention to scream aloud the aggravation we followed him and reminded him of our appointment.

To our surprise we were politely invited inside the room offered tea and then we got to interact with a true larger than life persona who was very patient, sensitive and mature to understand what we communicated.”Mujhe woh ribbon kaatne mat bulaana.Let me do something substantial” is what he wanted to say. We also presented him a Sightsavers Souvenir to which he smiled gently and said thank you!

Leaving I lingered how thankful he might be to get our ears to ventilate his feelings after working three long days in that hotel with Dev Anand for a movie of which Naseerji had no idea about!