Blogging is Not for Sissies. Thank You.

Why do we blog, manage a web log of our thoughts without the fear of being judged or labelled by the readers. 

I can place a bet that my English teacher, Ms Prerna Pandey "Mam where are you?" would laugh out loud if ever she comes to know about her struggling literature student writing a blog open to public. Now i wish i had listened to your lectures more carefully, when you used to emphasize on the importance of writing a daily dairy. But i somehow never understood, how on earth in the presence of an alert mother back home, a teenager can bare it all in a dairy and ask for "aa bail mujhe maar". For my mom, making greeting cards and collage for friends was akin to killing time.

My creative hat has been crushed long back under the pressure of appearing in entrance exams and getting first class throughout with distinction; but still i am still donning the tattered one shamelessly.  


Har Ghar Kuch Kehta Hai...Part 1

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I thought of writing on this post while watching Juno, a scene having a conversation between a young couple/first-time-to-be-parents :

    Vanessa (staring at a blank wall with a tester patch): Okay. So we have... custard and cheesecake.
    Mark (almost color blindly): They're yellow.
    Vanessa: Right, well I wanted to pick something that was gender neutral until we get the baby and then we can just... add a more decisive pallete.
    Mark: Why does everybody think that yellow is gender-neutral? I-I don't know any guy with a yellow bedroom.
    Vanessa: It's a baby... I'm thinking more custard. Just with this light... I don't know maybe I should just paint a larger swatch or just try it on another wall...
    Mark: I think it's too early to paint. That's my opinion.
    Vanessa: I disagree.
    Vanessa: This wall is gonna need something. Mhm, our first family photo right in the middle. Right up there. Can you see it?

    *Names are changed for confidentiality ;p
      But the advert below on youtube.com was the cherry on the cake. It sat in my heart while i was playing chu chu tv rhymes for our lil one.

As if someone is prying in our bedroom and made a shot out of it. I couldn't resist but embed this video in the post. Its just bang on especially the sound of keyboard in the background and "hmmm kharcha plan karna important hai". So very real. 

In one way, i am relived that i am not the only victim but merely one among millions of women who are left alone to love this tyranny. 


Disability and Parenthood : Refute or Salute?

Diversity makes us interesting and attractive,
else we wouldn't be any better than eggs in a crate - lookalikes, pale and boring !
You choose, who you are.
Published in Parent Edge
Published in ParentEdge Magazine, click here to read

This post salutes to the anonymous woman and her journey so far, whom I happened to meet two months ago.

It was a foggy winter afternoon in Delhi, the flight was delayed, and so my little girl and I cruised towards the baby care lounge.  Our companion was a women in her late 20s perched in the corner seat reading some magazine. I was caught up in the drill of feeding cerelac to a teething toddler, so in a hurry we exchanged a few words. After this, back to our own worlds.

To freshen up , she dabbed on her make up and walked out with aplomb and a smile mutely saying good bye – with her baby bump (probably second trimester) and a polio-impaired leg.

Having gone through the overwhelming experience of being first time mother, she left me with question marks hovering over my head. I couldn't help but over think about the equation between disability and motherhood. Like how uncomfortable it must be for her to travel in this condition all by herself and a pair of crutches, will she be alright ?


Maiya Mori Main Nahi Makhan Khayo/ मैया मोरी मैं नहिं माखन खायो

Liquid Gold for Health
This morning i have an agenda to interrogate the other lady in the house, our house maid, Ms H. I consciously wish to conduct aap ki adalat on weekends rather than a weekday as the hearings of our conversation can make the breakfast go late and everything lags behind thereon.

She is one happy go lucky person with the quality to deny and decline requests made for dusting or cleaning the glass windows on the spot. Without batting an eyelid such public pleas head for doomsday. And we have learnt to respect our mutual dislike for each other on such occasions only on one condition that the kitchen - the heart of the house should be spic and span as shown in the modular kitchen pamphlets. 


However, as in lately, i have noticed to my disdain that, by keeping everything spic and span she has taken it literally and also included the ghee pot in the list. Yes, the overflowing ghee pot is very close to a house wives heart, more so, if your roots goes back to braj/brij/ब्रज nothing like it.

Although, I can turn a blind eye towards this, thinking as one of the bal Krishna leelas and playing the bhajan in my head "Maiya mori, sun maiya mori, main nahi makhan khayo...Main balak bhaiyon ko choto...choto, yeh jhinka kis vidh paayo" , but I won't. Bhaiya re  !  i have some responsibility towards carrying the crown of house wife or not !

Being a brajwasi (people belonging to Mathura - vrindavan belt) my profound love for anything made out of milk - malai, rabri, ghee, makkhan, koya, paneer, chach, lassi, kheer, peda, chena etyadi cannot be ignored.


Sholay Unplugged Version : 2014

Gopalan Cinema Matinee Show, Bannerghatta Road

After Chatti, Annaprasan, Mundan, First Birthday, one more ritual an Indian toddler celebrate and its equal to achieving a milestone...their brief brush with Bollywood. Very much part of our lives and be of your little one too, sooner or later. When she will grow up to question us, looks that time is not very far, she will taunt, why we chose this movie (almost 39 years old). As her friends would have made a debut in Bollywood with not such an oldie.

But on reading this post, she will understand why we the visionaries did it. And like her nana-nani I will also take her to movies only on one condition, like, we were supposed to answer during our movie outing...what were the lessons learnt ? Her nana ji is quite adamant on having this discussion after every flick. Even now, we discuss all this movie stuff on phone. They watch movies latest by Saturday but i am not that fast particularly these days.

Getting three generations of Sinhas together for a movie was a difficult task, has it not been Sholay - a classic from 1975.

The exponential growth curve of age went up and up like...sanvi, her chachu, mummy, papa, dadi and dada, respectively. There is no quizzing atleast with this set of family. The movie is actually a todu one, with entertainment quotient for anybody between a toddler and senior citizen, such is its charisma. We stepped in to a house full theatre brimming with movie buffs, cruised to our aisle seats, grabbed our popcorns and colas, little scared of the toddler accompanying us than the Gabbar.


Romancing with Coffee or Committing to Tea - Part 1

Wish you all a very happy new year.

This and the next post is dedicated to the youth brigade of our household. As you read on, you will solve the puzzle.

My office 365 free version has expired. Now, every time i have to first switch on the internet for notepub and then capture random imaginations. By the time i have done this, they have left the runway of my mind. So, now your bugging blogger is staring at a blank screen. I have to recall the person living in the posh condo of my head with well manicured grey matter and blossoming neurons. Ting tong.
I don't know for others, but idiotically, whatever thoughts comes to my mind, comes at an absolutely aiwayiin place. Like I know some people who writes, they write in coffee shops or by the side of a scenic view or in solace. 

Me, aam adaami ki nishaani, get thoughts while surrounded with people like waiting line of a restaurant, multiplex, taking a ride in auto rickshaw struck in traffic, purchasing groceries thinking mehangai kitni badh gai hai or when the milkman/newspaper person rang the bell and when my nostrils welcome the whiff of adrak wali chai and not coffee.


Confession 2013 : Ahoy Motherhood - Nothing Less Than Truth

This is not a book review.
Personal experiences of a first time mother.
Year end is a time for confession and making resolutions to yourself and your loved ones. In 2013, I was either on maternity leave or extended break with little office work (jotting experiences), but I swear there was not a single day when I haven't missed the presence of a boss. Probably, cabaret* befits the dance form, which I  did on the tunes of my daughter (now 14 mnths), sometimes out of rejoice or out of compulsion.

*Cabaret is a wholesome entertainment involving music, comedy, song, dance, recitation or drama.

So, my confession is about beating baby blues, managing the unexpected, unheard and address the constant battle between my mind and heart over becoming a mother every single day. Asking questions to myself in leisure, was it the right time for me to become a mother and if it surely was a part of the plan, why i am finding it so difficult now.