Romancing with Coffee or Committing to Tea - Part 2

My debut in the culinary world was made in 90s on the sets of my mom's kitchen and director was my papa. Scene was making two cups of evening tea and I had genuinely earned Rs 5. Since then, my affair with tea is on and going strong. Lately, it has culminated into unconditional love. Yes, I am in love with tea, chai, chaah specially the morning ones.

They have lasted in all bad weather, happy, sad, good, everything, silent days.

Chai reminds me of my mom making tea every morning religiously and now I do it. Handing over a perfectly brewed chai to someone in the morning with adrak/elaichi is a part of sweet love delivered right from your heart. Simple. Its a jadu ki jhappi and peck on your forehead, a pat on your shoulder. It reconnects you with you, as you wake up every day in the morning. It gives you company in solitude with your books or magazine or soap opera or romcom flicks.It takes you down to the memory lane, sardi ki dhoop, shaam ka nashta. tête-à-têtes tales, guffaws made in shaneel ki razai when cousins used to come home for staying in winter breaks, when mom's complains used to get broadcasted on broad gauge to papa with every sip while you wondered if this cup of tea is going to take forever.

How trivial a cup of tea can be yet all the crucial matters pertaining to my life have been taken over a ghar ki chai. Right from my namkaran sanskar, choosing school, tuitions teacher, subjects in board, coaching institute, PG college, job selection, job, selecting/approving the groom, papa mummy interviewing the groom, getting interviewed as bahu rani, I mean every important decision or talk has involved ek pyaala garma garam chai.

It gives a sense of comfort, being easy, no pressure, relaxing, being at home with family, without make up. I can never forget, the smell and memories attached to kullad wali chai, leisure of iihmr wale gupta ji ki chai, time pass canteen ki pani wali chai, anytime hostel room ki half brewed chai, diet fad wali green tea, adrak/elaichi ki chai, office ke neeche nukaad ki chai, railway platform ki tapari wali chai, pahad ke upar pahunch ke milne wali chai, chai garam chai, Mumbai ki cutting chai and my favourite nagaur ki kesar chai!

Unlike coffee, what matters in curious case of tea is, "chai aakhir bana kaun raha"? . This is almost sounding like basanti: tanga chala kaun raha, tangaa hum chala rahen in reply to "Belapur ka Doh rupaiya aur Ramgad ka Dedh rupaiya kyun". Ignore, Sholay 3D movie hangover !

On travelling to Pali from Jodhpur, a little stretch will make you cross another district called Nagaur - a small place but known for Didwana town (origin place of maheshwari business families, Bangur). For me, Nagaur is a place to have a special kesar chai. Thanks to my then cabbie, who used to take a halt at a road side tea stall and introduced me to the flavourful saffron tea made with concoction of saffron strands soaked in milk. Its something I still miss. I have tried asking for it in some of the big shops here, but the to no avail, what they have are tea bags meant to have without milk but not someone making it with milk like he used to make in Nagaur.

Bliss lost !

Sorry for the interruption, I cant do without a little bit of here and there trivia.

On numerous occasions over a chai, i have been reminded of the "shadi byaah ka mamla/ ladka dekho/ koi ladki hi pasand nahi aati" by both set of mummy papa. Please note, in 2014, i declare my retirement from making profiles on matrimony sites, describing about you with my limited adjectives (managing 3 ideal profiles will make you go looking for your pocket dictionary), checking accept-decline-sharing contact details and then getting vexed after seeing your Fakebook's post and photos.

I know you guys are still at 'tere sang ek simple si coffee bhi kick deti hai' stage. Now, I consciously unfollow your FB accounts because I am tired of seeing the ever dynamic relationship status shuttling between single/committed/its complicated/again single, happy me pics, selfies, party pics and check-ins. I have never ever seen an aching heart and yes you all have a shaadi.com / bharatmatrimony.com profiles made by your parents and managed by your fire fighting public relation officer - didi/bhabhi.

Please allow me to be curt.

For sanvi's mausi, mama and chachu, single but not yet ready to mingle forever, please note, the dating coffee lasts as long as none of you is making it. But the actual survivor is "Ghar ki Chai", which you have it in a marriage every single day, having it together with a smile or frown even in silence means happiness, contentment of being there consistently without fail forever. 

Marriage is not a tokenism practice, not something which you do as you age. Its like choosing someone who will bear you, love you and take care of you beyond how much you weight, look, earn or what you wear. Someone who will do this as dearly or may be next to how much your parents or siblings do.
Being tired of having a bad taste of bitter coffee or carrying the luggage of relationships which have gone sour should not be reason to delay or deny such an important decision of your life. Somehow, it was you who had chosen an exemption from a long distance genuinely loving relationship to dodge the emotional upheaval and fight for your space. Demanding space so much that everybody is lost in space with not gravity towards each other.

Or may be your relationship never became centrifugal for you two as we as a unit. So, please stop the blame game and discussing the type you are or the type which will suit you or the compatibility factor. That perfect type is equal to believing existence of Gandalf or Dumbledore - pure fictional character and your wishful thinking at the same time.

This year I am unavailable for any sort of such conversation like the one on the long lost coffees. Only thing that's welcome is a wholehearted wish to move on with Camellia - no girl - botanical name of tea ;p

Even Wikipedia says, that Tea catechins have known anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties, help regulate food intake, and have an affinity for cannabinoid receptors, which may suppress pain and nausea and provide calming effects - just like marriage-husband-wife. On the other hand, coffee has caffeine which can made you an addict and can worsen the symptoms of conditions such as anxiety, largely due to the caffeine and diterpenes it contains.

Verdict is enough romancing with coffee, time to move on and committing to tea. Shaadi Mubarak.
Now everybody stand up and swing with me like Palak does in comedy nights with Kapil, while we sing :

Ek garam chaai ki pyaali ho; 
Koi usko pilaane waali ho
Chaahe gori ho ya kaali ho ; 
Seene se lagaane waali ho
Mil jaaye to mit jaaye har gam;

Tararum pumpum ...
Tararum pumpum... 
Tararum pumpum...

And for the ladies, please join the chorus ASAP
Shayad meri shaadi ka khayal...
Dil main aaya hai,
Esiliye mummy ne meri...
Tumhe chai pe bulaya hai !


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