Nation Wants You To Shup Up !

Oh! Arnab nobody violates the right to speech as you do. You speak more than the guests. If at all they get a chance and start making some sense, you again jump in like a nagging wife who is always right.


Assistive Technology for Differently Abled

Image Source: IRIS Smart Home Website

Published in ParentEdge Magazine, click here to read

Welcome to the era of digital natives, where technology is the king. Right from hand held devices, touch screen, tablets, e-books, videos, movies, everything to do with entertainment to education is delivered through technology. 

Thankfully, it has been a boon for children with special needs, who wish to overcome their impairment, through learning computer for education as well as to stay relevant in terms of future employment opportunities. With the advent of internet, now its easier to have access to information with the use of  computer/ mobile phone/ TV via assistive technology tools.


NaMo ki Aayegi Baraat, Rangeeli Hogi Raat !

Read the newspaper end to end, chew every word written on and about the historic win. Yet missing that masala which a Hindi newspaper would have served like Amar Ujaala, Dainik Jagaran, Jansatta, Hindustan, Punjab Kesari (most  masaledaar) or Rajasthan Patrika

Just thinking out loud about a caricature on the front page, if i was a cartoonist.

Modi would be a groom, Amit Shah would be sahwala (the kid that sits with the groom) meri chachu ki shaadi main jalul jalul aana types, Ghodi would be someone from Congress, Lightwala would be other regional parties waiting to pick up the niyochaavar. The cine stars Hema, Jaya, Smriti, Vinod, Shatrughan would be dancing like those dolled up young brigade that every barati is proud of.


NaMo Proved, Why Lotus is Our National Flower !

Haan Ji, to aaj khane main kya banega...Matar Paneer Oh ! ho ! Kya baat. Nahi ji, #PMNaMo fav food is Khichdi !

So, today's menu - Khichdi aur uske chaar yaar, Chokha, Ghee, Papad, Achaa


Guess My Mystery Muse ??

Friends with Benefits = ???
I have never wooed anyone so much, to the extent of obsession, but this one person in my life. He holds such an important place and I have never ever missed an opportunity to attract him or act as per my wish – but all my attempts have gone in vain.

I even nodded for a causal fling, if long term commitment seems a burden – but look at my state and poor romancing skills, nothing worked out. 

I said okay, even if you can’t be my "friend with benefits" let just be “good friends”!


Sports and My Reflections #AtoZChallenge !

Hello Ji ! Kya haal ? Finally A to Z Challenge is over and i couldn't make it with the last four posts. But, i will do it this month since i have got the badge of ' A to Z Survivor' already. To maintain its integrity, i have to. The challenge was indeed a challenge, because at some point you have to drag yourself to write. As in writing is for leisure time and when somebody tells you to do that mandatorily, it becomes a routine-which is kind of compulsive writing as in cursive writing 10 pages. Period.

Yesterday, we celebrated my participation in A to Z, which i almost reached at the threshold and i think i can qualify myself as a survivor. In fact, on reaching alphabet N only, i had shared my reflections. Read this post.