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My recipe for a solitary lazy lounging Sunday is simple plus one technical glitch. 

Weekend. Check.
Internet off. Check.
Chew Sunday Times. Check.
High calorie brunch. Check.

Access to T. V. ---- Waiting !

Yes, day by day its becoming difficult to share the most prized possession of our house - our T.V. Any ways the power struggle with Sinha Ji had had the status of impeding case lying at the bottom in High Court, one more member has added to my woes. Now my tv rights are not only violated but ripped off from my home maker's designation. Oh yes, Snv have got this new love developed for National Geographic channel. The love gets deeper when the food is at stake.

For every morsel she wants to have a look at the panther, leopard, tiger, lion or the entire animal kingdom. This reminds me of her Nana Ji. My father too love watching it specially over a meal and quite like an expert forecast or pass on a prediction as to when the lion is going to jump high to catch his prey with ample use of hindi phrases "ये  लपका / ये मारा पंजा ". I used to find it funny then and hereditary now. The tv remote oscillates between wildlife flora and fauna to cricket to business news with no place for my angrezi pictures :(

However, i did get lucky today and managed to watch my all time favourite one. Yes, like a true tigress i waited for the other big tv-i-vores in my house to sleep and make a move in mid night to take full control of remote and indulge in Hollywood romcoms with lemon tea and popcorns.

There is something incredibly attractive and magnetic about the pair of Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.


Let Your Child Volunteer

"If you buy things you don't need, soon you will have to
sell things you need. " 

Published in ParentEdge Magazine, click here to read

Every weekend on a trip to grocery stores starting with names with Mega, Hyper, Metro or Big market of the city, I couldn't help but observe one thing consistently at the billing counter. A child dragging a set of parents, howling incessantly or throwing fits in anger on the floor or unwilling to let go off that toy s/he picked up from somewhere.

Poor parents shying away the public spot of shame wants to escape immediately. However, a couple of pursed lips or raised eyebrows keep staring parents. So they bow down by loading ‘picked up unwanted thing’ in the cart or get away with a quick fix bribery of chocolate bar or soft toy, strategically placed on purpose at exit points - peace at both ends.

I am sure you too would witness it on your next visit. However, this doesn't address the real issue of having an unending desire of urban children to collect things because their parents can afford it without ever asking “do I need this” or having a look at the price tag. With more double income families, higher disposable income, peer pressure at school the difference between ‘need’ and ‘want’ is diminishing.


कृष्णा जन्माष्टमी की झलकियाँ /Glimpse of Krishana Janamashatami at ISKCON 2014

मेरे शब्द जाल - राहुल पाण्डेय जी का ब्लॉग है , जो की हिंदी प्रेमी पाठकों में काफी  लोकप्रिय है।  आपको समय मिले जरूर पढियेगा। मेरी पसंदीदा  रचनाये वैसे तो बहुत हैं, लेकिन सबसे लुभावनी अब तक लगी है वो है "
"झिंगुरी मिस्त्री - मेरे गाँव के महारथी" . पढियेगा तो बताइयेगा, कैसा लगा झिंगुरी मिस्त्री से भेंट कर के

नीचे लिखी पंक्तियाँ भी शब्द जाल से ही हैं, कृष्णा जन्माष्टमी के उपलक्ष्य में - 

हर्ष, उल्लास, फैला चहुँ ओर,
देखो-देखो आया माखन चोर।

नटखट चाल, दधि, मुख पर सोभित,
श्याम रंग, सर पर पंख मोर।

प्रेमी, सखा, इष्ट, सारथि, रूप कई
जैसे चाहो पूजो तुम, पाप कटेंगे घोर।

अभी इससे आगे लिखना संभव नहीं हो पा रहा है, भाव नहीं आ पा रहे हैं। प्रभु की जब इच्छा होगी तब इसे पुनः पूरा करने का प्रयास करूँगा। जय श्रीकृष्ण।


कृष्णा की नगरी से होने के नाते ऊपर लिखी कविता पूरा करने का भार हम उठाने को तैयार हैं :) लीजिये प्रस्तुत हैं कुछ पंक्तियाँ ; 

साँझ होए सो आये धेनु चरइया,  
जाकी मैया रूठे तो बजाये मुरलिया 


Inauguration of Livelihood Resource Center - Samarthanam, CISCO & Wadhwani Foundation

Image Courtesy _ Nova Foundation

Today, we marked another milestone in Samarthanam's journey of 17 years by inaugurating Livelihood Resource Centre (LRC). This project is in partnership with CISCO and Wadhwani Foundation (under its OND - Opportunity Network for Disabled initiative). 

This LRC is unique, since it's located at our HSR Layout premises, which is a barrier free universal design building with need specific architectural changes allowing safe mobility of PWDs, as mentioned in UNCRPD. 


15th August, 2014

Independence of thoughts is real independence. The deed to respect and nurture differences free from favoritism of particular "caste", "native place" , "religion", "gender" or "pedigree".

Vande Maatram !

Deaf Mamma at the Gym - Part 2

But one fine day.

This hot bod female in her body hugging t-shirt, shorts and primary school girl like waist came in.

I could hear the announcement, self proclaimed gym instructor is thrown from her ivory tower of  fitness and the obese protégés can go and join new master trainer. And in no time, I-thought-so loyal uncle and aunty was checking the new chick for tips - muted but eyes rooted, of course. Yes, in South India, you do whatever but you have to meditate - means - keep your mouth shut all the time. Be it gym, lift, department store, changing room, ladies spa, steam room, swimming pool, bhajan, keertan. 

Empty vessels are not allowed to make sound and filled ones don't bother of what you think of them or they practice yoga.

Saans andar kheenchiye, bahar chodiye. Heheh


Deaf Mamma at the Gym - Part 1

Theory of relativity and gyming goes hand in hand.


Very simple.

The concept of being fat or unfit or overweight is relative to with whom you are spotted roaming thinking you are a Cinderella of some sort. You idiot. You are the chiggi viggi jelly bean talk of the town with that beer belly and equally bloated nose and in women's case...

Let's just forget BMI for a minute.

If you are  royal Kg 80 and your hubby is his highness at Kg 95, you still make a good pair. Now you get it. From a pack of friends or relatives are you able to pick the ones who make you feel fit? Doesn't matter, if you have failed successively to find friends and then coax them to increase their girth. By god's disgrace, all the people having super high metabolism are in my close circle. So, any day they still look like school girls and yet boast of having mother of two kids.

There, fb status goes - feeling duped or feeling fat or feeling meh ! 
However, Gym is one such beautifully dynamic place in the world where the sum total, the cumulative weight of members fluctuate on the leads of sensex. True.


Note from Working Mother - I am Choosing Faith Over Fear

Only one of the ducklings has to board on my back - Is it Faith or Fear ? 
If you ask me, what motherhood has taught me? I will say, patience and patience. I think, it can be counted as a strength, provided i learn it properly to use at my disposal killing anxieties, uncertainties. 

On the other hand, it has made me vulnerable. I count it as a weakness as well as threat. Its as much internal as external. Internal for the fears, residing in my subconscious. External, for the factors which are out of my control. I am no God to control each variable and its intensity. I am a human being. All our lives, we learn to navigate through called and uncalled for situations in our life - to survive. In the process, we know ourselves, know others, face success, failure, break down, become resilient, happy, unhappy, blank. 

All of it.


Unlock Pockets of Dream : Come take Education Key

# This post is an account of my first field visit to Samarthanam's school and training center

This morning ride to office was good with radio giving full kick on Sallu bhai's songs. Had some site visits planned for the day.

Stop # 1: We started with TechVision - a facility supported by Microsoft and Philips and many other corporate to train persons with visual impairment in ICT via JAWS (Jobs Access With Speech). Met Chandrakant who heads the TechVision Centre, Sunil - who is a real troubleshooter when it comes to my mailbox configuration and Shalini, she was translating a Kannada book to speech.

Last year, we have trained 400 young adult with disability or under privileged background through TechVision (computer training center)


Hierarchy of Needs Understood

There are some moments in life when you question your very basic "being" - the soul of who you are. One such incident occurred last month. 

Before that, please wish me luck for my second full time innings, where i will be working as Manager - Corporate Fundraising for Samarthanam Trust for Disabled. We work for empowerment of persons with disability. There i continue my stride in the field of disability again, after Sightsavers.

Since Jan, 2014 - i had given 6 interviews even when i wasn't mentally prepared to join or i knew the office is way too far from my abode and wouldn't be able manage a to and fro commute of kms 30 or more. It was like a mommy's day out kind of sport or audition - hehe - where i will go to get selected and later deny the offer. It made me feel empowered, in some sense, that, see i am still worth it despite being on a sabbatical from mid of 2013. So, here i reject you giving a piece of my mind and time and choose to enjoy rather learn nuances of parenting - grilled - tandoorified .


Dog Walker

My fav comic actor - Love you Zach
While i am struggling hard at home to potty train my toddler, its amusing how dogs do that. No, i am not drawing comparisons here. 

Rather, i am thinking about the master who have come out to walk the dog. Or its the dog taking master on walk. In our complex, there is a deposit of Rs 25k if you are rich enough to keep a dog and in case they do some damage. In one of our neighbouring flat someone has got this high pedigree canine who barks a lot. It irritates me, yes, i hate pets. But can't do much.