Har Ghar Kuch Kehta Hai - Part 2

This was our second rented pad after # 302, Mumbai. Holds special place
too as a mother was born here. Plus a house of all the long night
cards, guffaws, chole chawal, puliogere (tamarind rice) and
elaichi ki chai on Diwali and dahi bade on Holi.
Taken on Diwali, 2011

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Happiness is to return your home sweet home after toiling at work. 

Each day as i walk upto the closed door of our apartment adorned with a name plate Mr and Mrs Sinha and glance at my five earthen pots with money plants on shoe rack...i get this sense of contentment inside. Daily, no matter what kind of silly, wise or totally worthless battle i have fought outside or internally in my mind. A gentle blow of wind seeping through passive glass window, tells me they were waiting for me. I reciprocate with a smile.

The keys already start jumping in my bag waiting to open up the small little piece of my heaven, my place, our place. It was on August 12th last year that we bought built our home, grihpravesh. The fragrance of sandalwood incense sticks just swirls around poking my hair as Lord Ganesha idol eavesdrop right next to our front door safeguarding Sammy. 

Welcome !

My old is gold Canny (cane sofa), which is more cane and less of spongy stuff but still for me its most comforting. It was the first piece of furniture, that we bought after our wedding. So, our cane sofa and Sammy TV are sort of best friends or you can say they are married. Beanny the bean bag later came in their life and created a stir :) Off late, my near and dear ones are pushing me to get rid of my canny since it doesn't go well with a new apartment and British Castle in the backdrop. Wondering about British Castle is ? That's another marketing gimmick of paint companies to identify a shade of grey color. 


I hate shade cards of emulsions or royale or distempers. All my life, the walls were pale yellow and they were the most colorful days of my life. And now, you want me to color the walls and rob off the remaining green colors from my pocket.

Gandhi Ji, no, you dare move out of my wallet and see what i can do ?

My not so glorious or photogenic sofa &
center table, yet i love them. 
I have always rejected such uncalled for interior decoration pleas with a dumb struck look, leaving aesthetic lovers believe i have poor taste or may be i can't afford. Whatever you like to believe but my canny is not moving out. It has been with me when we didn't have our own place, we were living out of rented pads. 

It has watched so many movies, ate cheese burst pizzazs, listened to my gossiping session with PC or SM, monologues with Sinha ji, fights with D and much more. And when i have a bigger space how can i just disown this piece of eco-friendly jewellry ? It might have not adored me physically but my memories each year - tremendously and still continuing. 

It's now i have understood why papa mummy used to be hesitant to throw away those old things - which we thought were not looking good enough or matching the rose printed curtains. Now I understand why a heavy bulky robust showcase in black and white is kept 'out of sight' but not 'out of house' or 'out of heart' but in my room upstairs. 

As I am growing old, I am realizing my affinity for things or people, for the times they have stood up for me, with me, with voice or without. 

Sharing a quote which i firmly believe in. "Space is a precious thing to waste. You don't want to fill your house with anything that doesn't directly add to your happiness".

Precisely, for this reason, I would rather settle for my old canny with thrown up cushions of memories than a strange corner naive beige sofa.

Hello New Expensive Sofa,

You are big but you are so far from me and empty.
Please note, not everything what i can buy is going to land up in our love nest.
You are so not welcome at Sinhas !

Cheers !

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