It is Hard To Be a Woman

Talented women are intimidating. More when they seemed to have acquired control over their lives specially their family or personal life which supposedly is the price society wants them to pay for being successful. 


Because that's one "classic" accusation, most people use, to bring them down. To accuse them for "probably" or "presumably" neglecting their families to climb up the ladder of success. Or the next thing is "character assassination", which simply means, she may have talent of some "other" kind !

It starts from dissection of their current status of relationship. So. Is she single ?  Affair (s) ? Married ? Separated ?Boozing ? Available for drinks on weekends? Not Married, why not. Its her age? Must be over ambitious ! Kids, no, IVF going on / marriange on the rocks ? Second marriage ?


Carrie Bradshaw, Come Back Again with Your Gang of Girls !

It is said it takes a life time to know who you are ?

The classic Paris episode.
I have just officially entered panic.

There it was Self Hell Aisle !

Starting Over, Yet Again !

Well, you look very something.
I am very something.

Do I judge,
We all do. That's our hobby.

Sexy sheik, just like you said.

No, but he's gay and bitchy.
My target audience.

Judgey Wudgey was a bear.

Open minded, good
Judgmental, bad.

Lonely Women, No Men

I' m fine, Now.

Reservations for One.

Whoever invented glaze is a genius. See, that is the worth for being fat.


Ifs and Butts of Western Wear

"You speak Parada" ? Quote from
Confessions of a Shopaholic.

You walk in the mall in your newly picked seasonal yellow chiffon top, golds studs, tightly braided french plait nude gladiators and matching satchel bag. 

Did i miss something ?

Oh! paired with black bell bottom trousers. 

Why I this sudden bent for fashion ? 

As a dedication to my younger sister, PC, who thinks my fashion quotient is lost in transition of becoming mother. And she didn't read my blog, since its tag line says " stories of middle class family". 

She has objection with the word 'middle class'. How on earth two people are born and brought up in same family and yet they have different class. Besides, the point is dressing up to work or otherwise do make you feel good about yourself. Your body feel liberated out of those t-shirts and jeans. 

One fine day, with such up fashion tip to toe oozing with oomph factor, feeling beautiful inside, deaf mamma went to a nearest mall for lunch. Twice in a week I do that. It keeps my weight in check and also satiate my window shopping fits. And off late, such no-touching-only-seeing walks have quite helped me in saving money and loosing weight.  

Quote from Confessions of a Shopaholic.
The girl with green scarf.

Why, simply because sale is over a few weeks back and i will keep doing window shopping until next six months to derive motivation on physical, emotional and financial front. I don't understand why men can't see this from an analytic's point of view. Why they just shrink the whole purpose of buying things and put them to use.


Laws of Physics & Life - Teacher's Day Memoir

With teacher's day on September 5th, I am writing this post and remembering some physics lessons from DPS and our very favourite S.K.Singh Sir. He was probably the most calm person i have ever seen in my life with an elephant like royal well rounded gait. 

I wasn't very bright in Physics but i do remember a couple of theories not because they are relevant for science but to life as such. 

One of which is Pareto's Law. 

I experience it every single day. 80% of my work is done in 20% of time (6 to 9 am) this involves cooking, sending all the three bright citizens of India to their work/school, managing maid, picking up right colored socks for Sinha ji, choosing which junk jewellery will go with my outfit and above all packing food my toddler ( only 5 little packets each one having different edible), dry waste segregation, reading Jug Suraiya, FM, checking mails, monitoring two picky eaters if they have finished their breakfast or not...ufff. Let me catch some breath. 


So, is theory of relativity. 

Einstein gave the most important lesson for life with this theory. Sorry, Singh Sir, i might have not understood E = MC2 what does it mean but now i can give a wholesome lecture on that. And my starting punch line would be, "What may be a basic necessity for you is already a far fetched luxury for someone else and vice versa". See. Theory of relativity hence proved. This reminds me E=MC2 invest in education projects as part of corporate social responsibility. Wondering it would fetch me more energy and continue momentum at higher speed. 

Can't get more apt quotation than this one
for my teachers and what their student
has bloomed or doomed into.