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Nice Road as seen from the bridge over Kanakpura Road connecting Sri Kumaran School. Going up this road, you will reach Electronic city, Bannerghatta, Hosur Road. Down you reach Mysore Road. Nice road is an acronym for Nandi Infrastructure Corridor Enterprise. One of our guest asked us recently, "Why you call it NICE road? Their toll tax is so high" !

In the name of blogging this Diwali i got a bumper gift, a Canon Digital EOS 1200D. A big thank you goes to my bhai, SC (nick name Shinde). If you are reading this, please note - your Didi almost gone mad and will remain so after photography atleast for some time. Above status message i posted on my FB account out of sheer happiness. Little did i know i will be in so much of awe to use my new prized possession DSLR that i won't use it even once. When I sent Snv's birthday pictures clicked with our old pocket canon, my younger sister PC (Jaengo) didn't miss a chance to tell Shinde...

"What a waste selection it was to gift a DSLR to Didi." 

Hunnhhh ! 


What's Your Parenting Style ?

Published in ParentEdge Magazine, click here to read.

Last weekend I happen to attend a session on "Effective Parenting" by Dr Brunda Amrutraj - Clinical Psychologist, organized by Infosys for their employees and spouse. By all means, a productive employee needs to have a peaceful balanced personal life too, specially a full time working mother.

Initially, I was reluctant to attend this session as my needs are 'not special' after all and as a women I ought to know how to raise a child, atleast this is what society expects at the outset. But as we entered the auditorium seeing its full capacity I felt a little better as a women and far better as a  parent. Or was it an instant empathy drawn after seeing fellow victims of parenthood marred by nuclear family structure with aspiration to balance kids on the scale of career. 

Image Courtesy: www.parentfurther.com 
The ice-breaking question was inviting enough to break the silence of audience. "Why is it that parenting is really a big deal, now a days ? There are blogs, classes, counselling sessions, depression, stress all associated with parenting? Isin't the most ancient nurturing bond that comes to us instinctively"?  All of us said all sort of things, which were complementing to an extent but "overload" of information was zeored on as the main culprit adding stress in parenting. The overload of information and the constant quest of it to fix the problem, without actually going in depth of it.

Parenting is an art and skill.


Nostalgia of Small Towns & Real People

My Dadi ji (we used to call her Amma) and dada ji (we used to call him Pitaji). If you know me enough, I mean close enough, you will find a similarity in my face and his face. Amma was truly Amma, she will beat us with her stick and share stories at bedtime. And Pitaji, I used to take pride for he is Commissioner and would go with him for public meetings, inaugurations.
He would have really adored my association with NGO sector, I was in class VIII. But the biggest guilt of my life is not
being able to meet my Amma in her last days. I had joined my first job in Hyderabad (2005) in a big Canadian funding agency and my induction was going on that time.  I quit that job within 3 months to go closer home.

What is it in our small towns that gives us immense pleasure and satisfaction in return ?

It is or convenient relationship with them. We keep going back to our 'desi' roots whenever we are in fix, confusion, pain, despair or utter chaos and yet settle of anonymity of a big metro city. To resume the journey of a 'small fish' in a big-big very big dirty pound, where the small town fish has to survive to become 'someone'.

And what is the price of becoming someone - emotions ! The constant chase of a goal often unknow turns into our greatest dilemma, The dilemma of our belongingness. We cut ties of festival celebrations, our absence in weddings become a norm, high school friends are lost in transition as we spread our wings in the sky.


Women and Shopping - Who Controls Whom ?


Did I tell you how I had planned to devour my first pay check after I resumed full time work from Aug?

My initial plan was to pledge my three months salary to visit either Morocco or Spain. But then I realized my will power is not as strong as I think it is. May be my savings would be just enough to finance the tickets but what about the lodging and trying local delicacies and shopping.

Hey, that’s when I rely on my equity investor, Sinha Ji, in good and bad times.

Somehow, my Libran’s balanced approach goes out of the window and take an auto ride when i see my card lazing around in my wallet and do no good for me materialistically. And oh so naturally I get succumbed to the lure of shopping to cherish my regained financial independence.

When you work for some 9 long years and then you take a break, you almost feel next to being an unqualified struggling bachelor with no influence on anything whatsoever, abla naari ekdum bechari.