Lot Like Love - Day 1 #Valentine_Series

You have to come over for a cup of tea
to listen how it sounds !
Hello there.

This month each day i am going to celebrate love and gifts. I mean we have so much in our lives but so little time to just sit back and cherish what we have. To go back in the memories and think of the good time.


So, in February, I am going to feature all those 'gifts' that i have got from lovely people that are okay to keep up with me in whatever bad mood i am.

The first item in our list is this sea shell wind chime which she got me from Goa.

Right now adoring my balcony and a perfect companion when i sit there during evenings with my cup of tea and newspaper.

And since Bangalore is quite windy, its clink clink music keeps reminding me of her love and loath for my curly hair and outdated clothes ;0 "Didi, laao main shopping karaun aapko " !

That's a view from my balcony and my little sister. Every year she pays a
summer visit to us and act as a fashion police. Showering me with 
accessories and "Dilli-Ka-Phasion"  you see South Delhiites - OMG !


Republic Day Celebration

Edible spirit of Republic Day. 26th Jan, 2015
Today I cooked obviously three colored food for lunch commemorate Republic Day Celebration. 

My chilhood memories takes me back to township ground where DPS and KV used to compete each year for their cultural programmes followed by queuing up for motichoor ladoos. 

When I was in KV, my grandfather used to be invited as the guest of honour since he was Commissioner for Scout and Guides.

And on those republic or independence days i used to get that special treatment and get seated on the front row white sofas.


A Cup of Tea in Solitude #IndiSpire49

“Solitude is fine but you need someone to tell that solitude is fine.”
Honoré de Balzac 
Living in rich diversity is a quentissential part of being Indian. Our county has ability to give birth to alteast 10 more countries, if not more.  

And our diversity is not just limited to the people having different skin color, religion, case, creed or language. Its vastness embraces the other domesticated forms of fauna too.

Such as lizards (chipkali), cockroaches (tilchitta - as per google), mosquitoes (machar) , mouse (chooha raam), housefly (makkhi), cat (billi mausi), monkey (bandar mama) and pigeon (kabootar ja ja ja). 

You might have not thought about it in your general day to day senses, who has the time to do that. But you will agree with me that these 8 creatures are very much part of an Indian middle class family aka extended family. Each one of them giving us company in not so lonely household, already bustling with people.


Trip to Lal Bagh Flower Show 2015, Bangalore

Every year on Republic Day and Independence Day, a flower show is organized at Lal Bagh for 10 days. I have seen a couple of them. During childhood, it was a ritual to go and see 'flowers show' at MRN Nagar Chaupal around mid February. In township every quarter used to have small garden for nature lovers to toil around the soil. And i guess it compels me to visit flower show every year. Over the years i have learnt to never go on weekends to Lal Bagh flower show and never go with kids or elderly people. Both gets tired and simply bored while you navigate the crowd.

So, this time it was just me and my Canon EOS 1200D.

Ticket is Rs 40 and its a paradise for people who like photography. With kids its advisable to go post 3-4 pm since it will be sunny and hot. Kids might get tired and fussy. For those who wants to click, go as early as possible. The show opens at 11 am. And since there will be no rush, security guards are not going to push you towards exit. You can take as many shots with as many angels ;)

Sharing some pictures.

This year's theme is Red Fort, keeping in mind the patriotic spirit. After all Obama is coming !

I guess Red Fort from Delhi wala, not Agra wala. 

Do you get curious or little nostalgic sort when you think about any heritage or ancient site? I do. Like visiting
forts of Rajasthan or Taj Mahal. I start thinking, what must have happened here. How did they build it?


Sisterhood of The World Bloggers Award

This is probably the first award nomination for my blog. And this warm gesture goes to my school friend of very many years but blogging rediscovered our mutual interest areas. Meet, Anamika Agnihotri aka The Bespectacled Mother who blogs at I Know Nothing About It

Moving further, here are the rules which go with this award: 
  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site
  2. Put the Award logo on your blog
  3. Answer the ten questions sent to you
  4. Make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer
  5. Nominate 5-10 blogs that you adore. (I am further placing a link on the nominees’ blogs to let them know about their nomination)
I have got following ten questions from 'the bespectacled mother' :p

1. Which was your favourite book as a child? 
It was a folk tales book with title "रूसी लोक कथाएं ". I can vouch reading it atleast if not more, 100 times. I still remember the name of first story "गुलगुला". My father had bought it for me from Agra.

2. What is that childhood memory you are most fond of?
My playtime with my younger brother and sister. We used to play 'घर घर' in our garden between two hibiscus trees, where the house boundaries/wall will be made of pillows, roof will be made of Mummy's Saree and my sister (who was 5 at that time) will grate Parle-G biscuit and put water in it. And that used to be our food. My brother used to make some recipe with grinding of green leaves as his contribution. All my happiness of my childhood, i attribute to the time i have spent with my bhai-behan and then cousins (a batch of 10 only) !

3. What does blogging mean to you?
Blogging for me is to be myself without having to look for anyone's approval for maximum likes or comments. I write what i like, i like what i write - and its all as a memoir of pleasant memories. So, that if ever my memory or I am lost (god forbids) , I can still re-live the life i was blessed with. 

4. Who is that one person in your life holding positive influence over you? 
Before wedding, it was my father and after wedding, its my husband. Its that easy for me. Though both of them keep participating and competing with each other more frequently than i wish for. But, I know deep down their values are same and they both are alike in lot of ways. 

5. How do you quieten your mind to get some sleep?
Very simple. Get up, brew a cup of adrak wali chai and blog. Reading also helps me disconnect with what's bothering me. My another funda to have a sound night sleep is to never take a nap in daytime even on holidays (rarely). 


Babloo Pandit Ji !

Needless to say, Sanvi's dada dadi has a lot of faith in God. Though I am a Brahmin, I rarely take front seat to showcase my spiritual side; which is best exposed during happy hours when I critically acclaim all my failures to God and success to destiny. And now status is such, I am more acquainted with the temples in and around Gardani Bagh area, than Janam Bhoomi or Vrindavan. It's like every time we visit our dera, its a ritual to seek blessings of Mahaveer Stahan, Kalibadi, Sai Baba temple and our family' very dear one badka Pandit Ji.

Most of my childhood is spent listening to this :
"Pandit Ji yeh bataeye, sonu ki shaadi kab hogi " ?
Lo ho gai Monu se. Happy ;-)
While the gods are as constant as we had prayed to them last and so their temples, Surendra Pandit Ji - Badka Pandit Ji as he is called fondly and his son Babloo Ji - Chutka Pandit Ji has taken a great leap in terms of fame and wealth. I attribute this to none other than their prized clientele across states.

His calendars and diaries are as full as the CEO of an emerging enterprise who has found angel investors from Wall Street. For an appointment, he actually looks at his business planner and tells. People usually air lift him for weddings and house inauguration poojas. We were not so rich when we moved in to our apartment here in Bangalore and we managed with a Pandit Ji from open schooling system instead of the brand !

Om Namah Shivay !

Anyways, whenever we small town bright people do good in our lives its direct impact is seen on the fortune of our small town Pandit Ji as it takes a U-Turn from Khadi ki Jacket to Fab India's Egyptian Cotton Linen or Nalli's Tussar Silk Nehru Jacket !

Recently, due to Badka Pandit Ji's astute forecast, one of the Jajmaan has gifted him an ALTO car for winning the election in the TsuNamo wave. Now, the once deprived dhoti kurta clad pandit ji has got a chaueffer driven car waiting for him as he toys away with future of some politicians, aristocrats, dhanadya sethaaala afsar and aam adami like us on his smart phone.


Dental Porn to Panacea !

If the word ‘porn’ has excited you to read this post, you are going to get disappointed my dear or maybe not. Anyways, you are not going to believe me and still delve into it. Welcome on board.

One of the side effects of pregnancy is gums swelling, which I had when my daughter was born. The release of certain hormones which you don’t wish to know, I am sure, makes the gum prone for infection. The bad deal about this is you can’t have medicines since you are carrying, at first go. But if it’s unbearable you go hell bent on antibiotics. 

I was not so lucky. 

The Karnataka Rajyotsava falls on November 1st, which is a state holiday and religiously followed. And I happened to lose virginity of my gums around that time and survived the pain all throughout the day and night waiting for a sight of dentist, more than the fully grown 9 months baby kicking me every now and then. 


After surviving the longest night having more than 12 hours, we met dentist next day. She gave painkillers and I happened to deliver on 5th. This was in 2012. The day when I realized god was preparing for this havoc and giving me poor signals of what labour pain is though he missed his anatomy classes and got away with it, since he is he – God (god damn it) ! 

Two years later, I don’t what the connection is with Nov 1st, same episode got repeated. This time too, my gums acted and screamed like virgin pinacolada. My first reaction was, how my gums got pregnant this time, they didn’t have even have **x? But I said to my gums, Shut up yaar, you have been doing **x on the beach over blue lagoon, now call your bloody mary to take you to the dentist. 

With a series of drinks, that I never had, and sweets which I only engulf thrice a week - yesterday, today and tomorrow, it had to happen sooner than this. 

I was shaken and not stirred. 

And we went again. During the drive, like a wise women that I am becoming with blogging heheheh, I thought my wisdom tooth is erupting. Finally, giving me a dental certificate of words, that, I am going to utter or rather learn how not to chew words and put my foot in your, oops my mouth. 


What We Need to Know About Social Impact Assessment ?

Last week was as usual except the fact that i overate almost through out the week, hardly seen the gym and 'officially' delivered my first guest lecture. Officially means, someone has asked me to do that and paid for the value i brought in those 2 hours unlike the impromptu rant that my near and dear ones are used to, totally ignoring my gyaan vaani

The topic was 'Social Impact Assessment'. My audience were 15 young, bright fellows chosen from 2,700 applicants through a rigorous procedure from all over the world for 6 months at IDEX Accelerator programme. It's a programme to give a first hand field experience of working in social enterprises, while creating a genre of intrapreneurial leaders. Intra-preneurship implies defining, demonstrating, learning and scaling innovation within an existing organization. IDEX stands for Intrapreneur Development Experience. 

Although, i am not sure, how open are Indian origin companies for innovation but in not-for-profit sector the playfield is huge as the needs are grave and often interdependent. Interdependence (direct or indirect). Like if a social programme is not implemented the way it was intended to be, its consequences has a ripple effect beyond the 'core development theme'. For example, health is inter-linked to nutrition, education. Women empowerment to human rights, child rights to nutrition, disability to poverty, education, primary health etc etc. An opportunity lost to educate someone at primary level will reflect upon its poor health seeking behaviour or access to human rights sometimes later in their lifetime.

Sharing some excerpts from my ppt and also read related post, Laws of Physics and Life.

1. Who Wants Social Impact Assessment ?


Chocolate Chip Cookies

Keeping up with the resolution of 2015, today I baked cookies. The precise reason to let my hands go dirty in baking is we live in a far far land with no 'walking distance' access to a bakery of my choice. Earlier it used to me momos and now muffins, cookies and cakes.

I tried making momos too, but the time taking process and taste nowhere close to my liking, i didn't even try it for a second time. Unlike momos memo, baking is turning out to be fun with 100% success rate. Success begets, success, holds true for baking.

This year you can expect a lot of food blogging !


Visit To Dentist and Remembering Raju !

Recently I have got a pearly white ‘composite filling’ tooth. They call it number 7. With all our childhood memories goes to saluting the dental hygiene of Raju in a classroom in front of Master Ji, I guess I missed my lessons.

Raju tumhare daant to motiyoon rahe hain jaise chamak!
Kyun ho Master Ji! Main Dabu Laal baby Manjan jo estemaal Poker hoon!

Earlier Master Ji and now me, we both envy pearly white teeth. May be Sinha Ji has better dental set up though he is very particular to expose them through a heartfelt laughter, as if giggles are taxed. He has questioned the lack of discipline, with which I am raised in childhood (including other aspects as well) and attributed my not brushing teeth before bed tea to that. 

365 days x 5 years, there is not a single day when I have asked him like a doting wife that I am, for a cup of tea and he replied, “Let me brush”.Hope you had read my account on why bed is taken..."Bed Tea Lovers Tell Me"?

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