Break Your Fast #Foodie

Literally speaking, break your fast, fast !
Also check out, Official Website Break Your Fast
When you move to a new place the one thing that you look forward beside travelling is laying hands on local food and trying out new flavours. 

So, the first debut was made with the typical american brunch at Break Your Fast, situated right opposite to the Union City Bart Station. You have to be really hungry before going to this place. And be early or you will end up in a long waiting line. It's ideal to go out for a weekend lazy morning !

Cuisine : American
Meal Time: Breakfast and Lunches
Type : Casual Dining
Place: In-house and Open Air
Child Friendly : High chair available. Adjacent garden and a little water fountain with ducks.
Meals for two: Around $ 15
Specialty : Beignets (It's deep fried pastry with sugar coating, We haven't tried it yet)

For vegeterians the menu is little limited but for others its sizzling with fresh non-veg options. Once you decide on what's going to get slurped away to your tongue cart, be ready for the options the server is going to throw on you. 

Like what kind of bread you what, white/ brown, toast ?
What kind of potato...hash brown, mashed (i told Sinha Ji, see these people also like aalu ka chokha from our Bihar hehehe).


Small Town Girl Moves to ?

Bollywood ahhh i miss you so much, though i am now practically closer to Hollywood. 

Oh yes, this is a news and the only reason why my blog is not breathing as frequently as it should. A lot of my friends have poked me on this. A month back i was in a situation with three kids at home. One is my daughter and the other two her grand parents. And i haven't yet watched Piku but i am sure there will  be scenes in it straight out of my life, very recent. 

Trust me relocating is altogether a pain in your good fat place, that thing, your personal cushion. And i was told to do so all by myself to a different country. Sinha Ji moved in here sometime in Jan and i was flying over the city and later on driving like a mad cow with no license. But it came as a big support else living in suburbia i don't know how much i would have spent only on cabs.

In last three months probably the most exciting part was that of driving. I has so much in my mind to write about lest i have had time. Anyways.

No help from her is the greatest help i could ask for.
No volunteering please, please i insist. Mummy Papa you too.
Yours Truly,
Bahu Raani

Where are we now. We are here in a new city.