F for Fog Harbor Fish House

Place you can't miss if you are at Pier 39, Fisher Man's Wharf. 
Disclaimer for those in a hurry :-) : The food review is limited to couple of lines and pic towards the end, because after having good food i just get lost, literally. Or thereon, anytime after - even if i just try to recall the culinary experience. I just can't write about it. Its to experience. So, please, you, you and you and that one at the back fidgeting with new mobile - don't write me off when it comes to food review.

I am still savouring !

Seat for two with a self defying toddler by the window side. Welcome to Fish House !


Today i am going to write about that forgotten weekend, not long ago, when i had just arrived in town and Sinha Ji gave us two options. First, recover from jet lag and unpack all your stuff and make the place livable. Second, let's go to down town and visit Pier 39 - the bustling place where everyone wants to go as soon as they arrive San Francisco. 

I said, neki aur pooch pooch. Ami choolabe. Tara tari ! PS: Ami tumaako bhalo bhashi. Jaaa !

Though the direct train to SF takes 45 minutes but on weekends due to some repair it may take upto 90 minutes with changing of train at Bayfair to Coliseum and then taking a shuttle bus till Fruitvalle and then again hopping a new train until Embarcadero. And when you are new in town, who wants to get screwed up at I880 ? But no complaining at all, however apologetic Sinha Ji felt, i put him at ease. This small town girl is happy basking in the glory of SF commute and learning nuances of clipper card (it saves 10 cents after all).

I like to see people and crowd with not to mention highest degree of commitment to good food i can travel to any god forsaken place. I remember walking down 45 minutes in sand to a dhani in Jaisalmer to have sumptuous haldi ki sabzi in the shivering cold month of December. Ah, i miss Rajasthan.

Hamare sukh dukh ka saathi, Sanvi ka stroller. Yeh har jagah
hamare saath chalta hai. 
On fashion front, i am still recovering from the toll of motherhood, although i have rediscovered my waist in my own body, befitting clothes are still on a run hahaha.

Somehow comfort fight for its right and squash the stylist like in climax Thakur did to Gabbar with his shoes....Raju Srivastava says, kichiaayiaake. 

To keep up with the tradition though, no matter how much i plan i will wear this, i will wear that - i end up in my sweat shirt, jeans and sport shoes.

Hair pulled back like kanta ben on a cleaning spree - मला समजत- just baked out of college with no job at hand. Well yes indeed, it was so too. Dating around with boyfriend who is opening this myriad sea of new experiences for you. And on top of that, you feel cold all the time for the nip in the air. Shivering do makes you look touristy from all the angles.

This is besides the fact that after seeing the beauty of the city i keep wondering how others are not feeling cold.

Are they all high on something or am i only cold blooded desi? BTW marijuana is going to be legalized in California soon.

Probably then, i would say what my Pearson boss used to say at quarterly sales forecast, "What have you been smoking ? Pot" , looking at our dismal self deprecating numbers!

There you are, small town girl, deaf mamma. Sleeves folded up for a perfect cocktail with right amount of innocence stirred with vulnerability on your face and a pinch of salt on the rim of glass called life. 

Hellulujah !

Back to my gastronomic evolution, well i should write about it sometime, that, how a 22 years pure vegetarian brahmin girl fallen in love with a Kayasth and embraced the love for non-bhej food in all its entirety.

So, we went to this place for lunch- Fog Harbor, Fish House at Pier 39. The San Francisco waterfront area is divided into piers from 1 to 39. So you have to walk a lot after you get down at the BART. The Pier 39 areas is called Fisher Man's Wharf and it has some best eateries, casual dining and fine dining places by the sea side. Even if you are not hungry by the time you will walk down there, you will be ogling for food. 

Apparently Sinha Ji played a perfect host since he too was dying to gorge on the fish and garlic shrimps.

Be prepared for a waiting time, atleast 15-20 minutes. More so during rush hours on weekends. 

You know me then you know how peda is famous from Mathura, hahah,  On similar lines, Sourdough bread is famous from San Franscico. I haven't tried it yet because it was not in the complimentary entree. Look, we are saving some money here with a $ 85 bill. Sinha Ji almost re-read the bill nth time and i was rolling eyes like the French do. God, it was no street food affair. 

King Salmon - the most famous tried and tested dish. You want that
flawless skin, go swallow this and ditch your Omega 3 capsules. 

Chilli Garlic fried shrimps. I have this reputation of ordering the most unsavory food when it comes to trying hands on new cuisine. With time i have learnt to spot the red chilli sign or hot or chilli to be on safer side. My bet played well this time. 
The entire surrounding is buzzing and bustling with people. You can just laze around or retire at a wooden chair with a book
in your hand . On the backside is a little stretch where you can see Sea Lions lazing around. 

With all the wine you can wash down you throat for gala lunch and finish it off soon before Sanvi make us realize 'who's the boss'.

Now you have stuffed yourself till the neck, go take a walk at Pier 39 and be like a crocodile. Lie around and laze.

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