Toh Zinda ho Tum !

My papa always tells me , "duniya sirf chadte suraj ko salaam 
karti hai"
and mummy says "Beta tum traveling job kyun leti ho, 
teacher kyun nahi ban jaati"? 
But my heart says, 
"Yeh Hosla Kaise Jhuke, 
Yeh Aarzoo Kaise Ruke
Shaam Chhupale Suraj magar,
Raat ko ek din Dhalna hi hai"

Pic taken in 2012 from Punamada Resort, Allepey.

This is your moment, this is you. It doesn't matter what you were in the past or will be in the future. Today is all about now, present, what you have, what you are doing at this moment. Life is all about here and now. Who we are, what we are doing and are we living upto it ?  

Your achievements are passe. 

Your goals are relative. Or should i say eternal happiness is relative to your goals. 

What you had done in the past, doesn't matter. 

You were a winner- When - Who cares?  

Not me. 

Question is are you a winner today ? If not, are you even trying to become one. Not moving irks me more than moving in the wrong direction. Don't let yourself stagnate like trapped water in the creek. 

I know, ups and downs are part of our lives, like rejection from a fellowship which were coveting like a daawg on anshan.


Goodnight Katappa

Beta bahubali tum aage khade ho jaao.
Just returned from watching the much hyped Bahubali probably made by an Andhraite onsite returned IT engineer from east coast, fascinated by cold weather, snow, tattooing and fair complexion. Tamannah looked pretty and made a spoof of her own role when she walked with her inwardly arched hands, she reminded me of our PT sir - Bakasur who used to do weight lifting. 

The Kalakeya character has been picked straight from Attila the Hun. And the rest of the movie is stir fried with gun powder while the war styles chopped from Troy, Wrath of Titans, Clash of Titans and largely 300 (oh Gerry, Gerald Bulter - PS- I Love You)

Whatever, i am waiting for part 2. 

PS: Katappa you were too good. 


Are Foodies Fit, Ever ?

This is no place to be fat. 

No, not here. 

When you see smartly dressed people around you all you need an inspiration to go out and work out. Sweat it out. Instead, what am i upto? Relishing butter because its just so yummy. Gorging on cakes, chocolates, ice-creams. 

I am almost there, when Sinha Ji will think that about me !
Oh ! puhhhlease somebody please stop me. This weight ois going to get on all the worng places and then your shape is like a rectangle, inverted. Today will all my grit and determination i make a promise myself to no behave like an illegal immigrant rescued from a famine situation. 

Learn to say no to you taste buds and for god sakes train your greedy hands. Gordon Gekko greed might be good but not when you are piling on weight. So while i am in the process of checking out new restaurants in the town since weekend is already here...oh god give me the strength to have some will power and control over my appetite.