Chocolate Cake made Simple with 3 Ingredients Really #Winter_Comfort_Food

I have always loved anything or everything to do with chocolate. And it was exactly around a year ago, that, i first
tried making cake at home to realize, hey, it's not at all difficult. Now, i can say i am into baking and really
enjoy making cookies, cupcakes, muffins, bread loafs, sponge cakes etc. Trust me baking smell makes your home so warm
and inviting as you enter at the dawn all tired looking for little pampering ! 

To keep up the tempo of 'yes i can bake like a pro', i played a safe bet and made cake in the most simplest possible way.
If you too are beginner, you may try it with Nestle Milkmaid Chocolate Cake Mix, Soda Water and Butter.
Beat everything together as given on packet, bake it and indulge ! Tell me how did it turn out to be.
If i can make it, anyone can. 

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