Rejections = Reignited Passion = Refueling Dreams

Go take a walk Chris Dixon. Sir its much easier said,
then done !
Who likes seeing rejection e-mails as first thing in the morning, definitely not me. But then somehow,  they do come to shake you up and wake you up and slap you in your face to tell you - listen you are not good enough - you are not good enough, still. And that brings a sudden gush of blood in your ears and face and you re-read the e-mail- once, twice, thrice - go around and do it again. 

Unhhhh !

This is second consecutive rejection, another one was was last Monday and now this one.

Should i let it bog me down or get me started again with same or rather more enthusiasm, fervour and being more bullish all the way up.

Getting up and running is the only thing i know - even if its written - you win or you lose.

Its so jumbled up, when i win 'as what i had defined in my head', i feel what was in that, it was so easy - anyone could have done that. Why these people are praising me - stop it. I am not a cute little baby? I am set for accomplishing much complex issues or problems or devise solutions or be a part of it. And i say it to myself, may be i haven't set the goal too high. It's like winning does give you a reason to have a small celebration, but again you go back to realization of an aim high enough, next time and get going in its pursuit. You can't dance on your past forever - do you?

And when its about losing. I feel, why me? 

Where did i miss it? 

Why did i not see it coming? 

Am i running too fast and losing sight of pieces that are important to take on board for the victory? 
Am i not focused enough ? What's distracting me? Have i become complacent, already?

In short, you do a restrospection and get going for the next milestone. For future, matching your ideas that you are hatching in your mind with the realities with tons of extra hard/smart work - do whatever it takes - and get it done. You means I, should be so engrossed in the mission that a small drift in plan here and there shouldn't make me retreat. Let's get it moving, strive harder, better than before, be blinded by your deeds and accomplish.

I sometimes wonder, for me atleast, it is the friction and traction of failures which has kept me on my toes to learn each single day, driven my curiosity to the hilt to try things in newer ways or dream. Rather than those winning streaks, that come and go with a speed of light, while breeding a feeling of emptiness or 'high' that do no exist now and leave you hungry to master a new game.

So, for me the conclusion is life must go on (oh, wow probably this is the most repeated cliche), while winning shouldn't motivate you to drive at abnormally high speed on your highway of dreams/goal, failing too shouldn't warn or dictate or make you over cautious for treading at an unnecessary slow speed or be bearish for no reason. What's important you have your antes up and you are 'still' moving 'forward', irrespective of everything that you had seen in your journey so far. 

Still - Moving- Forward -in- Right Direction - Happy Space !

I guess, beauty lies in optimization and continuous revision of 'what works', what can be better, what is that you are not telling your investors - where is that weakest link - is it the product - its configuration- scale - channel - teams. Keep revising and get it going.

And its during such 'low' times that you find solace in your home sweet home, or sitting with a cup of tea at your office looking out of the window, going back to your long lost blog, long for a hug from your daughter and my best remedy - to get a pat on back from your best friend, you are super lucky if he happens to be your life partner - who always say it me - "koi baat nahi, you are trying - that's important and it will be done. We will see what lies ahead - We are together in this". I can never thank him enough for being in my life, (guess there is something right that i have done) -  he choosing to be on board with me and my endless dreams and imagination without taking into account how capable i am to realize them (close cousin of mungeri am i, naaah) and yet supporting me every step of the way - even when the future looked bleak.

Yes, i still have the audacity to make a note to myself - Have a good day ahead !

PS: Indulgence in good food is also an instant remedy, tried and tested many times of the year !