What's Your Mojo ?

Read somewhere, "If your dreams don't scare you,
they are not big enough."
Pic taken : Pigeon Point Light House, Off  Coastal Highway,
There are two kinds of people. First, the mass category - those who have found the end point of their journey, their destination, that is to be - stay where ever you are- at whatever cost. And the second minor category, those people for whom the new journey has just begun and the highway goes via US while the destination may or may not be here.  

Up until now how much ever i have figured out about myself-ourselves, i am more close to the later category. I am most impressed with the 'education' this country has to offer because its so much valued, its sort of life long investment even if you choose to spend your savings or take loan for it in comparison to the earnings that we crave for (specially converting it into Rupees). Because no matter which country, continent, small town life will take you after x number of years, your alumni network, knowledge and circle of influence is with you to propel in your 'whatever worth it' idea. If you know what you are good at, stay focused, know how to get it done, have a purpose or raise resources for it, i guess getting decent pay is not something to be bothered about. More of an entrepreneurial spirit or lifestyle. 

What i have become very sure of over the years or being repeatedly told is that i do unknowingly exhibit a certain amount of sheer madness (on the rise) when i am into something - i don't know if its something what we call passion which exuberates so much intensity in my efforts. When you can consistently work on something without being bogged down. When you are not tired about proving what you have in your head through telling compelling stories every single day, writing them in an assertive argument or a flawless business plan or a sales pitch while looking into the eyes of a complete set of strangers who have deep pockets that you are eyeing - that absolute passion that fuels you to talk endlessly given a chance to present your idea or your baby 'pilot project'. Everything seems in control and you are so confident to find solutions. That sudden rush of blood that makes you wake up in the morning and go for work with gusto. 


Count Your Blessings

This new year has started and someone very dear from our family has left us alone in our forward journey. So, there is one person less now, who loves me the way i am - imperfect. And, sitting here so far from your roots, you wonder why have you come this far when you can't even see that person one last time. As you get the news on phone, your memory goes in flashback unfolding every minutest detail about that last meeting, their characteristic nature you had never really cared for with an empty feeling in your gut - you feel pity on yourself, helpless for the things you thought you will say someday or gift or make that person feel special. 

And if i take this an indication of God, i really need to mend my ways to treasure people who have been in my life. I may have not said how important they are? And how much i owe my happiness to them? How much my life stories are weaved around them? But really, how often we do that - i somehow survive keeping both side of my families together with almost neglecting friends, not that i want it that way. But as you mature in life, as i have grown in my life - i find solace in low maintenance relationship based on understanding or detached yet in-sync. Rather than 'trying hard to please you' types - with women its even more complicated. If its with me it has to be real - the world is already full of fake people. 

Even then, i have felt quite often its been so hard for me to tell my family & friends how much i value them for being there because its like you rarely express love to those who you love the most ! For the simple reason that your existence is so dependent on them and you can't imagine your life without them. And i don't know how many of these relationships will stand through the test of time without me showing gratitude or simply put - me being me. 

Death is such a leveler. One news of a near and dear one send shivers down your spine and you get so insecure about losing people that makes your life your's. I am telling myself not to over analyze or over think about it. I am learning, i will learn, its about the memories you make and remember even when that person is not there if your life.

Sharing a touching advert i saw recently. 

Poem by: Daniel Titz & Dorian Lebherz, John Reilly

Walking the roads of our youth
Through the land of our childhood, our home, and our truth
Be near me, guide me, always stay beside me
So I can be free

Let’s roam this place, familiar and vast
Our playground of green frames our past
We were wanderers
Never lost
Always home