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What is April A to Z Challenge?

It's not a competition or contest to win and obviously there are no prizes, but a challenge to yourself as a blogger. To blog each single day in the month of April with one alphabet. Starting with 1st of April with A, 2nd April with B; so on and so forth. 

Total, there will be 26 posts in the month for 26 alphabets, except for Sundays.

What's Our Theme?

For this challenge, I have decided to write on my motherhood experiences and how it changed my life forever beyond my permission. While i did this, i found the real father was humour who was with me all the time to beat the shit out of baby blues and post partum depression (PPD). 

I never knew that, God has been envy on my vivacious smile and he would curse me with PPD. So, he did and that too with sheer vengeance. Nevertheless, I too gave him a tough competition because there is so much to do, eat, visit, share, earn, yearn and experience before I succumb to his game plan. 

This is roughly the theme of our next month challenge.

What You Can Expect?

As per the guidelines of A to Z challenge, the posts need to range between 100 to 300 words. That's going to be a catch for me, since brevity and me don't see eye to eye. When I start scribbling, I thoroughly enjoy limitlessness of my thoughts and words. But I guess that way it would be easy to stick to the theme and draft frequent posts.

One post plus one bollywood song from my playlist with each alphabet will conclude the post.

That's it for now.

Keep reading The Sinhas at No. 302 because the stories of uninterrupted middle class family is about to unfold beyond your wild dreams.

Happy Reading !

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