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Small Town Girl Moves to ?

Bollywood ahhh i miss you so much, though i am now practically closer to Hollywood. 

Oh yes, this is a news and the only reason why my blog is not breathing as frequently as it should. A lot of my friends have poked me on this. A month back i was in a situation with three kids at home. One is my daughter and the other two her grand parents. And i haven't yet watched Piku but i am sure there will  be scenes in it straight out of my life, very recent. 

Trust me relocating is altogether a pain in your good fat place, that thing, your personal cushion. And i was told to do so all by myself to a different country. Sinha Ji moved in here sometime in Jan and i was flying over the city and later on driving like a mad cow with no license. But it came as a big support else living in suburbia i don't know how much i would have spent only on cabs.

In last three months probably the most exciting part was that of driving. I has so much in my mind to write about lest i have had time. Anyways.

No help from her is the greatest help i could ask for.
No volunteering please, please i insist. Mummy Papa you too.
Yours Truly,
Bahu Raani

Where are we now. We are here in a new city.


Visit To Dentist and Remembering Raju !

Recently I have got a pearly white ‘composite filling’ tooth. They call it number 7. With all our childhood memories goes to saluting the dental hygiene of Raju in a classroom in front of Master Ji, I guess I missed my lessons.

Raju tumhare daant to motiyoon rahe hain jaise chamak!
Kyun ho Master Ji! Main Dabu Laal baby Manjan jo estemaal Poker hoon!

Earlier Master Ji and now me, we both envy pearly white teeth. May be Sinha Ji has better dental set up though he is very particular to expose them through a heartfelt laughter, as if giggles are taxed. He has questioned the lack of discipline, with which I am raised in childhood (including other aspects as well) and attributed my not brushing teeth before bed tea to that. 

365 days x 5 years, there is not a single day when I have asked him like a doting wife that I am, for a cup of tea and he replied, “Let me brush”.Hope you had read my account on why bed is taken..."Bed Tea Lovers Tell Me"?

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नानी ओ नानी, सुनो मेरी कहानी / Nani O Nani, Suno Meri Kahani

When wife's parents visit during SALE SALE SALE, the husband is not happy specifically or generally, whichever ways. All they could see is wrong timing and a big credit card bill. Because now they have to match the standards of their father-in-law, be it managing chores, shopping, traveling, knowledge about finance, share market, current affairs etc etc.

On top of that, a shopaholic wife and mother-in-law !
Inspired from one such extravagant evening to a mall, dedicating this poem on behalf of my daughter to her Naani and plight of a husband, father and son-in-law under pressure.

Sanvi's first hand bag, gifted by her Naani when
she was just 4 months, March 2013.
नानी ओ नानी
सुनो मेरी कहानी

यह जो आपकी है ना, बिटिया पुरानी
खुद को समझे बड़ी सयानी
लो, कल का ही किस्सा सुनती हूँ
फिर मत कहना, ख़ामख़ा मैं गप्पे लड़ाती हूँ

आपने मन की सयानी
सुबह पढ़  रही थी, पेज ३ के इश्तिहार
पढ़ के हो गई एकदम क्रेजी
बिलकुल रेडी जाने को तैयार

फटाफटी बना लिया शौपिंग का प्लान
बोली डैडी जी को कर लीजिये ना आज
वर्क फ्रॉम होम
बाहर जाने का हो रहा है बहुतै मन


Bed Tea Lovers

Every morning siting on this dining table, i wish,
when will he break this good habbit ? Others will follow.
Tell me, should a person do a heavy exercise like brushing teeth, before reaching to a simmering cup of bed tea. 

My vote is no. But how do i tell Sinha Ji, to stop acting like a warden.

I tell you, there are so many if and buts that, are hidden beneath a love marriage, one of them is how to prioritize brushing your teeth to shine out pearly white enamel. 

This is beyond common sense for me.


20. Two States and A Ring Ceremony

A quote a read somewhere - Don't marry a man, unless you would be proud to have a son exactly like him !
April 23, 2009.

Today is a special day in the chronicles of The Sinhas at No. 302.

On April 23rd, 2009 two states had signed the treaty to respect each other despite the ingrained superiority complex brewing inside and maintain decorum in the name of love. When i said two states, i meant two families. For families to marry and get engaged to each other is far more important than those who are willing to marry. 


It's Between You, Me & Valentine : Are Love Celebrations Dead ?

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This vermilion case is called "Sindoora".  Supposed to be very sacred
for married women. 
Is Valentine day celebration dead for us ?

Or like other important days this poor man's day of love is also going to get shifted on weekend like birthdays and anniversary and wait for its turn for tom tomming.

Why was it alive in first place. Because you are so far from your valentine in a long distance relationship that you wanted to buy the world for him or her.

Or is it dead now as you are just averse to the whole concept of celebrating love only on this one single day. Personally, i have always supported the cause of Valentine Day celebration that too with much flair. I believe such days are important for those people who keep mum on yearly basis to tell you what you means to them. For heaven's sake why they don't mind to shed their all practical, reticent, mature image only to be labelled as ammateur, juvenile like their other half only for a day.


Ek Slice Bread : Won't Quit on You, Ever !

Snoozing your alarm beyond a point can make you miss the most important door bell of the morning. And it means your taaza morning is gone testing the efficacy of vim bar with no Ram Kapur and Priya  by your side, just mumbling and fuming. 

Thank god today was not such a morning. But something else was in store.

How can i spent hours in the rush hours of morning, on a paint website without the help of Ask Aparna to chose pastel hues is beyond logic, almost touching insanity to my Roarky. And when i was so engrossed in the do or die decision of lives, the ever 'i am getting late-  i have a con call' daddy in the house pressed the quickr button on me for some bread toasts.


Har Ghar Kuch Kehta Hai...Part 1

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I thought of writing on this post while watching Juno, a scene having a conversation between a young couple/first-time-to-be-parents :

    Vanessa (staring at a blank wall with a tester patch): Okay. So we have... custard and cheesecake.
    Mark (almost color blindly): They're yellow.
    Vanessa: Right, well I wanted to pick something that was gender neutral until we get the baby and then we can just... add a more decisive pallete.
    Mark: Why does everybody think that yellow is gender-neutral? I-I don't know any guy with a yellow bedroom.
    Vanessa: It's a baby... I'm thinking more custard. Just with this light... I don't know maybe I should just paint a larger swatch or just try it on another wall...
    Mark: I think it's too early to paint. That's my opinion.
    Vanessa: I disagree.
    Vanessa: This wall is gonna need something. Mhm, our first family photo right in the middle. Right up there. Can you see it?

    *Names are changed for confidentiality ;p
      But the advert below on was the cherry on the cake. It sat in my heart while i was playing chu chu tv rhymes for our lil one.

As if someone is prying in our bedroom and made a shot out of it. I couldn't resist but embed this video in the post. Its just bang on especially the sound of keyboard in the background and "hmmm kharcha plan karna important hai". So very real. 

In one way, i am relived that i am not the only victim but merely one among millions of women who are left alone to love this tyranny. 


Maiya Mori Main Nahi Makhan Khayo/ मैया मोरी मैं नहिं माखन खायो

Liquid Gold for Health
This morning i have an agenda to interrogate the other lady in the house, our house maid, Ms H. I consciously wish to conduct aap ki adalat on weekends rather than a weekday as the hearings of our conversation can make the breakfast go late and everything lags behind thereon.

She is one happy go lucky person with the quality to deny and decline requests made for dusting or cleaning the glass windows on the spot. Without batting an eyelid such public pleas head for doomsday. And we have learnt to respect our mutual dislike for each other on such occasions only on one condition that the kitchen - the heart of the house should be spic and span as shown in the modular kitchen pamphlets. 


However, as in lately, i have noticed to my disdain that, by keeping everything spic and span she has taken it literally and also included the ghee pot in the list. Yes, the overflowing ghee pot is very close to a house wives heart, more so, if your roots goes back to braj/brij/ब्रज nothing like it.

Although, I can turn a blind eye towards this, thinking as one of the bal Krishna leelas and playing the bhajan in my head "Maiya mori, sun maiya mori, main nahi makhan khayo...Main balak bhaiyon ko choto...choto, yeh jhinka kis vidh paayo" , but I won't. Bhaiya re  !  i have some responsibility towards carrying the crown of house wife or not !

Being a brajwasi (people belonging to Mathura - vrindavan belt) my profound love for anything made out of milk - malai, rabri, ghee, makkhan, koya, paneer, chach, lassi, kheer, peda, chena etyadi cannot be ignored.


Confession 2013 : Ahoy Motherhood - Nothing Less Than Truth

This is not a book review.
Personal experiences of a first time mother.
Year end is a time for confession and making resolutions to yourself and your loved ones. In 2013, I was either on maternity leave or extended break with little office work (jotting experiences), but I swear there was not a single day when I haven't missed the presence of a boss. Probably, cabaret* befits the dance form, which I  did on the tunes of my daughter (now 14 mnths), sometimes out of rejoice or out of compulsion.

*Cabaret is a wholesome entertainment involving music, comedy, song, dance, recitation or drama.

So, my confession is about beating baby blues, managing the unexpected, unheard and address the constant battle between my mind and heart over becoming a mother every single day. Asking questions to myself in leisure, was it the right time for me to become a mother and if it surely was a part of the plan, why i am finding it so difficult now.  


Hail Housemaids With HR Practices

Whatever the truth is, the clear global winner is House Maids in #Khobargade case . Until few years back, I too was living in the myth that education, employment and freedom of choice are the harbinger of women's empowerment. I was so wrong, such dimwit. With humility, after marriage, i soon accepted the fact that your 'home sweet home' cant be left abandoned with you having a traveling job in custody of your loving husband.

As, by all means they showcase their hostel or bachelor days living skills each day without fail irrespective of when they had last attended the college. They are and will always be a fresher at home when it comes to house keeping. On return, I have had actually excavated fossils out of our refrigerator and seen cockroaches inviting me for having a la carte gourmet dinner.

So, ladies you may not like it , but the truth is, finding a right house maid is the first step towards women empowerment followed by her continuous skill up-gradation and retention.


LSD: Love for Sale aur Discounts

Before giving a lecture on moral policing as to why I left the theatre in interval while wathcing Love Sex aur Dhokha I should share the pain resulted from my Love for Sale to get what Discounts no boss...Dhoka !

If diamond's are our best friend, to be present in the vicinity of something screaming SALE SALE SALE is a women's birth right."Do we actually need this" option doesn't exist when you are intoxicated with the drug of  LSD. The drug is an instant booster and gives you a courage to enter an overcrowded store with long queue in front of trial rooms, disillusionment of losing weight within two months to get fit into the skirt/t-shirt, finally a sense of relaxation when your size and color is available...The effect diminishes after 30 minutes or so when a abstained mobile banking SMS comes on your screen telling the account balance ! (debit card holders regain senses relatively quicker than credit card users).


Welcome to 302

My blog had been long awaited...and it was delayed more so because I wasn't able to find a name even after updating status messages on gtalk and facebook. Now when people are tweeting on every breath, I am coming up with blog. What a shame !

Nevertheless it's better than reading a tweet while you are in loo to know what "Shahrukh khan is boarding a plane" !

Atlast, thought of this name, inspired by The Kumars at No. 42. Though, it's not as dramatic as Kumars but No. 302 holds a special place in my life.

As it's our flat number after marriage.

So this blog is dedicated to my loved companions in 302. My TV, kitchen and mirror respectively, in reverse order! 

Places where I can be found working after office hours. 

The picture was taken during Strawberry Festival,
Feb 2008. Mahabaleshwar/Panchgani. 
Must go event.

Launched in 2010, but woke up to the aroma of motherhood over a cuppa coffee in 2013.

Here, you can read about the forgotten quintessential pleasures which a middle class Indian from small town is addicted to and runs the marathon all his life for...

TV, Biwi, Baal Bachche, Makan, Chai, Naukari, Boss, Promotion, Teej Tyohar, Bachchon ko settle karna, Shadi Byaah ka Mamla, Markiiting, Relatives, Movie Talkies, Padosi, Restorants, Bachat, Dost, Chaar Log Kya Kahenge etc. etc.

Clearly, about everybody else but themselves.

Happy Reading !

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