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Confluence of Four Generations - India Today Conclave 2014

This is in continuation of my previous post about what winning means to me. At this juncture of my life, winning for me is to raise my daughter - our future generation. Hopefully, we will have a discussion or may be an argument years later when she is big enough to seek validation. 

Well, the researcher part of me was doing some desk review under the prescribed daily vellapanti dose and i was chumma jotting down the birth year chronology of speakers at the #conclave 14. No mouse died in the experiment, cared to notice that 19 speakers put together do represent four successive generations. Wow, its like you speaking at a forum with your father, grand father and great grand father respectively all under one roof sharing their stories of winning.  Anyhow, lets proceed to get a green signal for a trip to saddi dilli from Sinha ji ;p
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A school dropout from a state like Bihar and yet this crusader dared to create history with his company getting listed in LSE (2003), NSE (2007), only to emerge as a global mining giant. Don't scratch your head if you haven't guessed it by now. He is the founder and Executive Chairman of the UK-based Vedanta Resources PLC, Mr Anil Agarwal - born in Patna (1954). 

Another gem engraved in the crown of Bihar, also a friend of Sanvi's dada ji is going to share his moments of truth at the conclave - Patna University Alumni, Mr Ranjit Sinha (IPS batch '74) who was appointed as Director - CBI in 2012. His appointment drew a lot of flak from the opposition party.