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मिट्टी के दिये #changingdiwali

वोह गेरू  के रंग से रंगी दीवार, गेंदे के फूलों की  माला, आम के पत्तो की तोरन… 
आज दिवाली के लिए खील खिलोने, लक्ष्मी गणेश की मूर्ति, मिठाई, रंगीले दिए ले आये हैं...
थोड़ी देर तक तो उत्साह रहा...
लेकिन फिर वही पुराने समय की बाट जोहना शुरू...
नहीं भूल पा रहे वहां की यादें, दादी बाबा, भाई बहन का लड़ना, पापा मम्मी का डांटना...
वोह गेरू के रंग से रंगी दीवार, गेंदे के फूलों की माला, आम के पत्तो की तोरन…
वोह पहला छोटा घर, बचपन का बिछोना, छत के पटाखे, मिट्टी के दिये और गिनती की फुलझड़ी, अनार ...
कब तक फ़ोन पे करे बातें, भेजें कीमती उपहार ?
कोई बात दो जरा सा कहाँ से लाएं विदेश में अपनों का साथ, पुरानी गड्ढे  वाली गलियां, गालियां और प्यार ?

आपकी दिवाली अपनों के साथ मंगलमय बीते , मौका मिले तो हमारी तरफ से शुद्ध देसी घी के बढ़िया वाले मोती चूर के लड्डू अवश्य खा लीजो लाला रे ! 


Republic Day Celebration

Edible spirit of Republic Day. 26th Jan, 2015
Today I cooked obviously three colored food for lunch commemorate Republic Day Celebration. 

My chilhood memories takes me back to township ground where DPS and KV used to compete each year for their cultural programmes followed by queuing up for motichoor ladoos. 

When I was in KV, my grandfather used to be invited as the guest of honour since he was Commissioner for Scout and Guides.

And on those republic or independence days i used to get that special treatment and get seated on the front row white sofas.


Nostalgia of Small Towns & Real People

My Dadi ji (we used to call her Amma) and dada ji (we used to call him Pitaji). If you know me enough, I mean close enough, you will find a similarity in my face and his face. Amma was truly Amma, she will beat us with her stick and share stories at bedtime. And Pitaji, I used to take pride for he is Commissioner and would go with him for public meetings, inaugurations.
He would have really adored my association with NGO sector, I was in class VIII. But the biggest guilt of my life is not
being able to meet my Amma in her last days. I had joined my first job in Hyderabad (2005) in a big Canadian funding agency and my induction was going on that time.  I quit that job within 3 months to go closer home.

What is it in our small towns that gives us immense pleasure and satisfaction in return ?

It is or convenient relationship with them. We keep going back to our 'desi' roots whenever we are in fix, confusion, pain, despair or utter chaos and yet settle of anonymity of a big metro city. To resume the journey of a 'small fish' in a big-big very big dirty pound, where the small town fish has to survive to become 'someone'.

And what is the price of becoming someone - emotions ! The constant chase of a goal often unknow turns into our greatest dilemma, The dilemma of our belongingness. We cut ties of festival celebrations, our absence in weddings become a norm, high school friends are lost in transition as we spread our wings in the sky.


Raaga Arts and Grameena Angadi - Ethnic Home Decor Shopping Destination in Jaya Nagar

Simple decor items like a lantern with a diya in it add a sparkle in your house.

Every house waits to get dressed up on the occasion of Diwali. No matter what is the theme of your home decor, Indian handicrafts, metal souvenirs, painting, terracotta artefacts, hanging lamps, lanterns statues always find a place to adore our living room space or rejuvenate balcony. 

Since, I stay in South Bangalore (outskirts) going to Commercial Street or MG Road is a bit too tiring and time consuming. In search of a good place to shop for festivals, last week, I got to visit two Indian Ethnic Handicraft stores. One is called Raaga Arts and the other is Grameena Angadi, both are in straight line in Jayanagar 4th T Block. 

For me it was a paradise for shopping for seasonal festival as well as for decor pieces to keep for lifetime. From Raaga Arts (Tamil Nadu based), if you move towards the right side of the store, half a mile away there is another store called Grameena Angadi (Kerala based), where you can find traditional silver, golden, earthen pots, jute lamp shades, handwoven sarees, cotton dress material and a variety of natural green products (edibles, organic food etc.) along with home decor items. 

Raaga Arts 
10, 11th main road, 38th B Cross,
Opposite-Shalini Grounds,
Near-Raghavendra Temple,
Jayanagar 4th T Block, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560041

Grameena Angadi
8, 11th Main Road, 39th A Cross,
Opposite-Shalini Grounds,
Near-Raghavendra Temple,
Jayanagar 4th T Block, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560041

Sharing some of the recent pictures and items for sale on Diwali.


When I Played Durga : Behind the Scene Story

Did you miss me? I did miss myself, the bubbly blogger in me but to no avail.

Last month was quite happening, a lot of things happened for the first time in my life and I wanted to share them with you all, had I had some more time. So, many posts I weaved in my mind traveling home to office and back, but they all originated and died on same day in commute.

For the first time in life, I danced on the stage and that too as a protagonist of the dance drama - Goddess Durga.


Never ever, have I done it before?


My last memory with dance and music goes back to school days, DPS. I was thrown out of the group song which we were preparing for Independence Day celebration. I distinctly remember, I was in class IX. As part of the herd or should I say nerd, my name was there in the group song, some patriotic number it was. After lunch break, we all used to go for the practice. After couple of days when everybody in the group got the tune (swar, taal, thumri) right, I was struggling with confidence. But our music teacher, Manju Madam despite me being one of her most beloved student sensed the ‘acoustic donkey’ in the group.

Can you spot me ? Our entire troupe, (L to R), Anindita, Piyali, Neeta, Poornima Aunty, Manjula, Ritu (Choreographer),
Daisy, Mamtha (played Mahisasur), Rima, Rajshree and Divya. 


कृष्णा जन्माष्टमी की झलकियाँ /Glimpse of Krishana Janamashatami at ISKCON 2014

मेरे शब्द जाल - राहुल पाण्डेय जी का ब्लॉग है , जो की हिंदी प्रेमी पाठकों में काफी  लोकप्रिय है।  आपको समय मिले जरूर पढियेगा। मेरी पसंदीदा  रचनाये वैसे तो बहुत हैं, लेकिन सबसे लुभावनी अब तक लगी है वो है "
"झिंगुरी मिस्त्री - मेरे गाँव के महारथी" . पढियेगा तो बताइयेगा, कैसा लगा झिंगुरी मिस्त्री से भेंट कर के

नीचे लिखी पंक्तियाँ भी शब्द जाल से ही हैं, कृष्णा जन्माष्टमी के उपलक्ष्य में - 

हर्ष, उल्लास, फैला चहुँ ओर,
देखो-देखो आया माखन चोर।

नटखट चाल, दधि, मुख पर सोभित,
श्याम रंग, सर पर पंख मोर।

प्रेमी, सखा, इष्ट, सारथि, रूप कई
जैसे चाहो पूजो तुम, पाप कटेंगे घोर।

अभी इससे आगे लिखना संभव नहीं हो पा रहा है, भाव नहीं आ पा रहे हैं। प्रभु की जब इच्छा होगी तब इसे पुनः पूरा करने का प्रयास करूँगा। जय श्रीकृष्ण।


कृष्णा की नगरी से होने के नाते ऊपर लिखी कविता पूरा करने का भार हम उठाने को तैयार हैं :) लीजिये प्रस्तुत हैं कुछ पंक्तियाँ ; 

साँझ होए सो आये धेनु चरइया,  
जाकी मैया रूठे तो बजाये मुरलिया 


आज बिरज में होरी है रसिया

लड्डू और रंगीली होरी कू जुङवे लगौ है रसिकन कौ मेला. आज बरसाने के मान मंदिर में लड्डू मार होरी होगी. लठमार (रंगीली) होरी ते एक दिना पहले होवे है लड्डू होरी. आज है काये होरी खेरने के काजे राधा रानी के गाम बरसाने ते सखी नंदगाव के रसियन्ने न्यौतने जावे. न्यौतो स्वीकार कर रसिया लाडलीजी के मंदिर आऐगो और फिर बिन्न के स्वागत में लड्डू बरसाऐंगीं बरसाने की हुरियारण.


Reviving Memories of Durga Pujo


This year we are having a pondal in our complex as there are a lot of Bengalis. Which is sort of good in a way that, you get to see more smiling faces, beautiful red bindi/sarees (you feel short of your annual buffer), cotton printed kurtas , when dhak sounds more cool than Cobain & long queues for luchi alurdam, Kosha mangsho, Mishti Doi never ends. Ofcourse, chubby cheek kids (now i notice) and sudden burst of laughter here and there over a fag, past midnight.