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#देखो बेटा ऐसा है #किचन

पढ़ लिख कितनी भी जाओ 
सैलरी चाहे जितनी मर्ज़ी उठाओ 
असली जंग तो चौके में ही है लड़नी 
मेथी अजवाइन नमक की पूरियाँ हैं तलनी !


Republic Day Celebration

Edible spirit of Republic Day. 26th Jan, 2015
Today I cooked obviously three colored food for lunch commemorate Republic Day Celebration. 

My chilhood memories takes me back to township ground where DPS and KV used to compete each year for their cultural programmes followed by queuing up for motichoor ladoos. 

When I was in KV, my grandfather used to be invited as the guest of honour since he was Commissioner for Scout and Guides.

And on those republic or independence days i used to get that special treatment and get seated on the front row white sofas.


A Cup of Tea in Solitude #IndiSpire49

“Solitude is fine but you need someone to tell that solitude is fine.”
Honoré de Balzac 
Living in rich diversity is a quentissential part of being Indian. Our county has ability to give birth to alteast 10 more countries, if not more.  

And our diversity is not just limited to the people having different skin color, religion, case, creed or language. Its vastness embraces the other domesticated forms of fauna too.

Such as lizards (chipkali), cockroaches (tilchitta - as per google), mosquitoes (machar) , mouse (chooha raam), housefly (makkhi), cat (billi mausi), monkey (bandar mama) and pigeon (kabootar ja ja ja). 

You might have not thought about it in your general day to day senses, who has the time to do that. But you will agree with me that these 8 creatures are very much part of an Indian middle class family aka extended family. Each one of them giving us company in not so lonely household, already bustling with people.


Chocolate Chip Cookies

Keeping up with the resolution of 2015, today I baked cookies. The precise reason to let my hands go dirty in baking is we live in a far far land with no 'walking distance' access to a bakery of my choice. Earlier it used to me momos and now muffins, cookies and cakes.

I tried making momos too, but the time taking process and taste nowhere close to my liking, i didn't even try it for a second time. Unlike momos memo, baking is turning out to be fun with 100% success rate. Success begets, success, holds true for baking.

This year you can expect a lot of food blogging !


Maiya Mori Main Nahi Makhan Khayo/ मैया मोरी मैं नहिं माखन खायो

Liquid Gold for Health
This morning i have an agenda to interrogate the other lady in the house, our house maid, Ms H. I consciously wish to conduct aap ki adalat on weekends rather than a weekday as the hearings of our conversation can make the breakfast go late and everything lags behind thereon.

She is one happy go lucky person with the quality to deny and decline requests made for dusting or cleaning the glass windows on the spot. Without batting an eyelid such public pleas head for doomsday. And we have learnt to respect our mutual dislike for each other on such occasions only on one condition that the kitchen - the heart of the house should be spic and span as shown in the modular kitchen pamphlets. 


However, as in lately, i have noticed to my disdain that, by keeping everything spic and span she has taken it literally and also included the ghee pot in the list. Yes, the overflowing ghee pot is very close to a house wives heart, more so, if your roots goes back to braj/brij/ब्रज nothing like it.

Although, I can turn a blind eye towards this, thinking as one of the bal Krishna leelas and playing the bhajan in my head "Maiya mori, sun maiya mori, main nahi makhan khayo...Main balak bhaiyon ko choto...choto, yeh jhinka kis vidh paayo" , but I won't. Bhaiya re  !  i have some responsibility towards carrying the crown of house wife or not !

Being a brajwasi (people belonging to Mathura - vrindavan belt) my profound love for anything made out of milk - malai, rabri, ghee, makkhan, koya, paneer, chach, lassi, kheer, peda, chena etyadi cannot be ignored.