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"Being We" is "Happy Me"

My Valentine day started from yesterday. I watched two great romcoms at my fav channel, Romedy Now. Thanks to my lovely daughter who decided to pace out with an unpredictable evening nap like an infant at 5 pm. It was a much needed break after a day which started as early as 5 following an important meeting at MG Road Boulevard and returning home - all the way feeling the heat of Bangalore, wondering are you already in Delhi?

So, 5 to 8 taka tak movie dekho and be a couch potato ! This is what I mean when I say I am committed to 'go with the flow' of parenting and look at the opportunity at hand if the kid is not following her regular routine.

I was glued to "The Ghosts of My Girl Friends Past" and "The Notebook". The former one was not that intense or should I say there were less scenes or dialouges with which I could relate my love story. That's what we all do, isin't? We try to find similarity in all the goodness and richness of love when we watch a good love story !

But I bet you must watch, "The Notebook". It's inspired from a novel and set up in 1940s. You would enjoy every bit if you are fond of that vintage style clothing and architecture, too. There is a lot that I can write about the movie and its dialogue but here I am sharing couple of my favourite ones from the novel and movie.


Love Being Daughter #Valentine_Series

I am not being able to keep up with each day blog post due to work or otherwise. But the spirit is up and in the air.

Papa has a magic wand with which i can do anything. 

Papa with her mini version of bitiya. The Ganesha in the middle is the one he gifted us during Grih Pravesh, specially made
to order from Aligarh. If you notice the trunk is facing the right side and not left. That's because it's avatar of
Siddhi Vinayak Ji. The bobby pins and a lot more hair accessories he gifted me on a visit to Delhi. 


Lot Like Love - Day 1 #Valentine_Series

You have to come over for a cup of tea
to listen how it sounds !
Hello there.

This month each day i am going to celebrate love and gifts. I mean we have so much in our lives but so little time to just sit back and cherish what we have. To go back in the memories and think of the good time.


So, in February, I am going to feature all those 'gifts' that i have got from lovely people that are okay to keep up with me in whatever bad mood i am.

The first item in our list is this sea shell wind chime which she got me from Goa.

Right now adoring my balcony and a perfect companion when i sit there during evenings with my cup of tea and newspaper.

And since Bangalore is quite windy, its clink clink music keeps reminding me of her love and loath for my curly hair and outdated clothes ;0 "Didi, laao main shopping karaun aapko " !

That's a view from my balcony and my little sister. Every year she pays a
summer visit to us and act as a fashion police. Showering me with 
accessories and "Dilli-Ka-Phasion"  you see South Delhiites - OMG !


Nostalgia of Small Towns & Real People

My Dadi ji (we used to call her Amma) and dada ji (we used to call him Pitaji). If you know me enough, I mean close enough, you will find a similarity in my face and his face. Amma was truly Amma, she will beat us with her stick and share stories at bedtime. And Pitaji, I used to take pride for he is Commissioner and would go with him for public meetings, inaugurations.
He would have really adored my association with NGO sector, I was in class VIII. But the biggest guilt of my life is not
being able to meet my Amma in her last days. I had joined my first job in Hyderabad (2005) in a big Canadian funding agency and my induction was going on that time.  I quit that job within 3 months to go closer home.

What is it in our small towns that gives us immense pleasure and satisfaction in return ?

It is or convenient relationship with them. We keep going back to our 'desi' roots whenever we are in fix, confusion, pain, despair or utter chaos and yet settle of anonymity of a big metro city. To resume the journey of a 'small fish' in a big-big very big dirty pound, where the small town fish has to survive to become 'someone'.

And what is the price of becoming someone - emotions ! The constant chase of a goal often unknow turns into our greatest dilemma, The dilemma of our belongingness. We cut ties of festival celebrations, our absence in weddings become a norm, high school friends are lost in transition as we spread our wings in the sky.


You've Got Mail

My recipe for a solitary lazy lounging Sunday is simple plus one technical glitch. 

Weekend. Check.
Internet off. Check.
Chew Sunday Times. Check.
High calorie brunch. Check.

Access to T. V. ---- Waiting !

Yes, day by day its becoming difficult to share the most prized possession of our house - our T.V. Any ways the power struggle with Sinha Ji had had the status of impeding case lying at the bottom in High Court, one more member has added to my woes. Now my tv rights are not only violated but ripped off from my home maker's designation. Oh yes, Snv have got this new love developed for National Geographic channel. The love gets deeper when the food is at stake.

For every morsel she wants to have a look at the panther, leopard, tiger, lion or the entire animal kingdom. This reminds me of her Nana Ji. My father too love watching it specially over a meal and quite like an expert forecast or pass on a prediction as to when the lion is going to jump high to catch his prey with ample use of hindi phrases "ये  लपका / ये मारा पंजा ". I used to find it funny then and hereditary now. The tv remote oscillates between wildlife flora and fauna to cricket to business news with no place for my angrezi pictures :(

However, i did get lucky today and managed to watch my all time favourite one. Yes, like a true tigress i waited for the other big tv-i-vores in my house to sleep and make a move in mid night to take full control of remote and indulge in Hollywood romcoms with lemon tea and popcorns.

There is something incredibly attractive and magnetic about the pair of Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.


Couldn't Relate to Run Away Brides in Bollywood ?

Last to last weekend, we were discussing how unexciting, our lives have become, after watching Hansee to Phansee.

Fav scene : Soup one by two. One by two main do se jyaada
aata hai ! 
Even if we slightly like the movie, we know a focus group discussion will follow, me, him, Sammy on mute, our thumps up and our beanny (bean bag).

I was lamenting, how i couldn't relate with bollywood romcom flicks these days. I fear, how our love story is shaping towards a conventional Mr and Mrs Sinha types now. None of us have done any adventure in our engagement or wedding, whatsoever.


Don't Wait for Father's Day !

We don't have to wait for this obligatory, western, compulsive celebration of Father's Day - to tell them what they mean to us. We don't wait for Christmas to meet, greet and laugh over a turkey. We don't take summer holidays to connect with each other. Actually, Indian parents never let their child off shoulders until their last breaths. 

Our love is best bespoken in small ways of care, 365 days.


20. Two States and A Ring Ceremony

A quote a read somewhere - Don't marry a man, unless you would be proud to have a son exactly like him !
April 23, 2009.

Today is a special day in the chronicles of The Sinhas at No. 302.

On April 23rd, 2009 two states had signed the treaty to respect each other despite the ingrained superiority complex brewing inside and maintain decorum in the name of love. When i said two states, i meant two families. For families to marry and get engaged to each other is far more important than those who are willing to marry. 


If Only I was #BackFromTheDead

First of all, i wouldn't like to come back after i died. Secondly, if at all i have to for IndiSpire edition two, i will come but may be lets say after few years. May be a decade.

Here is an account of what i saw in 2024. 

One fine day, we the hell dwellers were given free passes to listen to Jagjeet Singh's ghazals in heaven on the eve of new year. There God, who was an avid fan of Jaggi ji got bugged with a ghost who was consistently peeping down from heaven, using unsolicited use of wifi GPS services available during the concert. God wasted no time and took that ghost on remand and interrogated "What's bothering you so much in between "yeh daulat bhi le lo, yeh shaurat bhi le lo" ghazal. The hell's super excited ex-blogger ghost said, Sire, when i died the crowd was so much that they pushed me in hell without listening to my last wish.


First Love to Break-Up #Condition_Serious_Hai

First love, first date and first kiss are moments made to get etched in your memory forever, only to be cherished later. They are the moments who teach you about relationships and their innocence. One such memory, relationship thread is stuck almost chocking me these days. Its a piece of bad cholesterol stuck somewhere near my vena cava. 

Today its cathartic release is necessary to clear shelves of my heart. I was writing on valentine's day post, my little one did something which make me go in my past. I hope Suri Saab won't mind because it was this very my old flame who got me introduced to him.

We got into a banal relationship more out of need than out of cupid's archery. In such affairs you know that the future is not long term or bright to say it right, but at that very moment you assure yourself, this is the best deal i can get in this small town and you shake hands. Mundane hi hellos turn into late night calls, exchanging smses, getting to know each other to bits and pieces. You start spending leisure time together, sometime casually, sometimes you plan and sometimes because you had no other plans. He also made himself available for you, cent percent. Eventually,  as the time flies, you discover the weak links in your spouse that switches you off and extract the hidden irritant in you. You both argue, hang up, mash up but recoil again to manage. You keep telling lies at home and keep on siphoning the hostel pocket money on him, mindlessly.


It's Between You, Me & Valentine : Are Love Celebrations Dead ?

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This vermilion case is called "Sindoora".  Supposed to be very sacred
for married women. 
Is Valentine day celebration dead for us ?

Or like other important days this poor man's day of love is also going to get shifted on weekend like birthdays and anniversary and wait for its turn for tom tomming.

Why was it alive in first place. Because you are so far from your valentine in a long distance relationship that you wanted to buy the world for him or her.

Or is it dead now as you are just averse to the whole concept of celebrating love only on this one single day. Personally, i have always supported the cause of Valentine Day celebration that too with much flair. I believe such days are important for those people who keep mum on yearly basis to tell you what you means to them. For heaven's sake why they don't mind to shed their all practical, reticent, mature image only to be labelled as ammateur, juvenile like their other half only for a day.


Romancing with Coffee or Committing to Tea - Part 2

My debut in the culinary world was made in 90s on the sets of my mom's kitchen and director was my papa. Scene was making two cups of evening tea and I had genuinely earned Rs 5. Since then, my affair with tea is on and going strong. Lately, it has culminated into unconditional love. Yes, I am in love with tea, chai, chaah specially the morning ones.

They have lasted in all bad weather, happy, sad, good, everything, silent days.

Chai reminds me of my mom making tea every morning religiously and now I do it. Handing over a perfectly brewed chai to someone in the morning with adrak/elaichi is a part of sweet love delivered right from your heart. Simple. Its a jadu ki jhappi and peck on your forehead, a pat on your shoulder. It reconnects you with you, as you wake up every day in the morning. It gives you company in solitude with your books or magazine or soap opera or romcom flicks.It takes you down to the memory lane, sardi ki dhoop, shaam ka nashta. tête-à-têtes tales, guffaws made in shaneel ki razai when cousins used to come home for staying in winter breaks, when mom's complains used to get broadcasted on broad gauge to papa with every sip while you wondered if this cup of tea is going to take forever.


Romancing with Coffee or Committing to Tea - Part 1

Wish you all a very happy new year.

This and the next post is dedicated to the youth brigade of our household. As you read on, you will solve the puzzle.

My office 365 free version has expired. Now, every time i have to first switch on the internet for notepub and then capture random imaginations. By the time i have done this, they have left the runway of my mind. So, now your bugging blogger is staring at a blank screen. I have to recall the person living in the posh condo of my head with well manicured grey matter and blossoming neurons. Ting tong.
I don't know for others, but idiotically, whatever thoughts comes to my mind, comes at an absolutely aiwayiin place. Like I know some people who writes, they write in coffee shops or by the side of a scenic view or in solace. 

Me, aam adaami ki nishaani, get thoughts while surrounded with people like waiting line of a restaurant, multiplex, taking a ride in auto rickshaw struck in traffic, purchasing groceries thinking mehangai kitni badh gai hai or when the milkman/newspaper person rang the bell and when my nostrils welcome the whiff of adrak wali chai and not coffee.