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Goodnight Katappa

Beta bahubali tum aage khade ho jaao.
Just returned from watching the much hyped Bahubali probably made by an Andhraite onsite returned IT engineer from east coast, fascinated by cold weather, snow, tattooing and fair complexion. Tamannah looked pretty and made a spoof of her own role when she walked with her inwardly arched hands, she reminded me of our PT sir - Bakasur who used to do weight lifting. 

The Kalakeya character has been picked straight from Attila the Hun. And the rest of the movie is stir fried with gun powder while the war styles chopped from Troy, Wrath of Titans, Clash of Titans and largely 300 (oh Gerry, Gerald Bulter - PS- I Love You)

Whatever, i am waiting for part 2. 

PS: Katappa you were too good. 


"Being We" is "Happy Me"

My Valentine day started from yesterday. I watched two great romcoms at my fav channel, Romedy Now. Thanks to my lovely daughter who decided to pace out with an unpredictable evening nap like an infant at 5 pm. It was a much needed break after a day which started as early as 5 following an important meeting at MG Road Boulevard and returning home - all the way feeling the heat of Bangalore, wondering are you already in Delhi?

So, 5 to 8 taka tak movie dekho and be a couch potato ! This is what I mean when I say I am committed to 'go with the flow' of parenting and look at the opportunity at hand if the kid is not following her regular routine.

I was glued to "The Ghosts of My Girl Friends Past" and "The Notebook". The former one was not that intense or should I say there were less scenes or dialouges with which I could relate my love story. That's what we all do, isin't? We try to find similarity in all the goodness and richness of love when we watch a good love story !

But I bet you must watch, "The Notebook". It's inspired from a novel and set up in 1940s. You would enjoy every bit if you are fond of that vintage style clothing and architecture, too. There is a lot that I can write about the movie and its dialogue but here I am sharing couple of my favourite ones from the novel and movie.


You've Got Mail

My recipe for a solitary lazy lounging Sunday is simple plus one technical glitch. 

Weekend. Check.
Internet off. Check.
Chew Sunday Times. Check.
High calorie brunch. Check.

Access to T. V. ---- Waiting !

Yes, day by day its becoming difficult to share the most prized possession of our house - our T.V. Any ways the power struggle with Sinha Ji had had the status of impeding case lying at the bottom in High Court, one more member has added to my woes. Now my tv rights are not only violated but ripped off from my home maker's designation. Oh yes, Snv have got this new love developed for National Geographic channel. The love gets deeper when the food is at stake.

For every morsel she wants to have a look at the panther, leopard, tiger, lion or the entire animal kingdom. This reminds me of her Nana Ji. My father too love watching it specially over a meal and quite like an expert forecast or pass on a prediction as to when the lion is going to jump high to catch his prey with ample use of hindi phrases "ये  लपका / ये मारा पंजा ". I used to find it funny then and hereditary now. The tv remote oscillates between wildlife flora and fauna to cricket to business news with no place for my angrezi pictures :(

However, i did get lucky today and managed to watch my all time favourite one. Yes, like a true tigress i waited for the other big tv-i-vores in my house to sleep and make a move in mid night to take full control of remote and indulge in Hollywood romcoms with lemon tea and popcorns.

There is something incredibly attractive and magnetic about the pair of Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.


Couldn't Relate to Run Away Brides in Bollywood ?

Last to last weekend, we were discussing how unexciting, our lives have become, after watching Hansee to Phansee.

Fav scene : Soup one by two. One by two main do se jyaada
aata hai ! 
Even if we slightly like the movie, we know a focus group discussion will follow, me, him, Sammy on mute, our thumps up and our beanny (bean bag).

I was lamenting, how i couldn't relate with bollywood romcom flicks these days. I fear, how our love story is shaping towards a conventional Mr and Mrs Sinha types now. None of us have done any adventure in our engagement or wedding, whatsoever.


Sholay Unplugged Version : 2014

Gopalan Cinema Matinee Show, Bannerghatta Road

After Chatti, Annaprasan, Mundan, First Birthday, one more ritual an Indian toddler celebrate and its equal to achieving a milestone...their brief brush with Bollywood. Very much part of our lives and be of your little one too, sooner or later. When she will grow up to question us, looks that time is not very far, she will taunt, why we chose this movie (almost 39 years old). As her friends would have made a debut in Bollywood with not such an oldie.

But on reading this post, she will understand why we the visionaries did it. And like her nana-nani I will also take her to movies only on one condition, like, we were supposed to answer during our movie outing...what were the lessons learnt ? Her nana ji is quite adamant on having this discussion after every flick. Even now, we discuss all this movie stuff on phone. They watch movies latest by Saturday but i am not that fast particularly these days.

Getting three generations of Sinhas together for a movie was a difficult task, has it not been Sholay - a classic from 1975.

The exponential growth curve of age went up and up like...sanvi, her chachu, mummy, papa, dadi and dada, respectively. There is no quizzing atleast with this set of family. The movie is actually a todu one, with entertainment quotient for anybody between a toddler and senior citizen, such is its charisma. We stepped in to a house full theatre brimming with movie buffs, cruised to our aisle seats, grabbed our popcorns and colas, little scared of the toddler accompanying us than the Gabbar.