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NaMo ki Aayegi Baraat, Rangeeli Hogi Raat !

Read the newspaper end to end, chew every word written on and about the historic win. Yet missing that masala which a Hindi newspaper would have served like Amar Ujaala, Dainik Jagaran, Jansatta, Hindustan, Punjab Kesari (most  masaledaar) or Rajasthan Patrika

Just thinking out loud about a caricature on the front page, if i was a cartoonist.

Modi would be a groom, Amit Shah would be sahwala (the kid that sits with the groom) meri chachu ki shaadi main jalul jalul aana types, Ghodi would be someone from Congress, Lightwala would be other regional parties waiting to pick up the niyochaavar. The cine stars Hema, Jaya, Smriti, Vinod, Shatrughan would be dancing like those dolled up young brigade that every barati is proud of.


किसी से कहना मत / Kisi Se Kehna Mat (NaMo)

अरविंद जी आपने तो कर दिया प्रूफ़ 
आप हैं सबसे बड़े पॉलिटिकल स्पूफ 

आप मेरी माने तो,