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Two is A Company

Life has truly come in a full circle like this tyre in
these two years - a roller coaster ride, bringing
three of us together, closer ! 
Published in Parent Edge.

The moment i forget that i am her mother and i have given birth to her, things get simpler. The moment i start respecting her choices no matter how ignorant, harmful, senseless they are or so seem to me. But for her age, even at 2 years 2 months, i get so astonished to observe how badly or promptly a child, sorry, correction, a dwarf adult reacts and responds to ensure her wishes are met. 

It's in solitude like this during night i wonder watching her asleep. How i forget to see a person living in a toddler. As a mother all i can see is a baby all the time. And the very fact that its me who have brought her to this world, she is my property. 

She has to do, act, plan, think, fall in line as per my wish. 

Do as i told you. 

May be, because it makes me feel powerful. However, the reality is just the opposite. I am a dependent variable. Like my stakes are higher. It's me who want to raise her in a certain manner or way or instill certain values. A child is born free and remains free for a very long time atleast in their mind. It's actually the parents who become captive of their own ego.


दादी बाबा तुम जल्दी आना / Dadi Baba Tum Jaldi Aana

आज से एक साल पहले
१६  फ़रवरी , २०१३ : मेरी और दादी बाबा की पहली रेल यात्रा,
राजधानी ट्रैन से दिल्ली। फिर वहाँ से मथुरा -पटना -दिल्ली-बैंगलोर हवाई । 
#Toddlers Tuesday

दादी तुम क्यूँ चली गई वापस अपने घर
मुझे यों अकेला छोड़ कर
सोना सोना करके गूंजता था इस घर का आँगन
अब सन्नाटे से फिर भर जायेगा ये अपार्टमेंट

अब कौन करेगा संग मेरे हंसी ठिठोली
कौन संवारेगा मेरे बाल और खेलेगा आँख मिचोली
कौन करेगा मेरे गुड्डे गुड़िया का ब्याह
अब किसकी ऐनक लेकर घुटने चल चली जाऊं मैं

कौन बैठेगा घंटो मुझे तकता हुआ
चाहें भोर हो या लगा हो रैन बसेरा
कौन बतायेगा दिनचर्या मेरी अब पापा को
फिर कौन कहेगा हो गई रात , अब रानी बेटी तू सो

दादी बाबा बस तुम्हारे ही बहाने ,