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Conclave from the Eyes and Ears of Table No. 23

When blogging was more than a hobby.

I was truly excited about attending the conclave. Primarily being a winning entry, followed by the speakers and the air around such events. Many of my family and friends congratulated me to keep up with brimming exhilaration levels. But actually speaking, equal number of them were confused as to how come a stay-at-home mom who writes blog as a hobby ended up there.

First, let me attempt to sweep off their question marks.


Disability and Parenthood : Refute or Salute?

Diversity makes us interesting and attractive,
else we wouldn't be any better than eggs in a crate - lookalikes, pale and boring !
You choose, who you are.
Published in Parent Edge
Published in ParentEdge Magazine, click here to read

This post salutes to the anonymous woman and her journey so far, whom I happened to meet two months ago.

It was a foggy winter afternoon in Delhi, the flight was delayed, and so my little girl and I cruised towards the baby care lounge.  Our companion was a women in her late 20s perched in the corner seat reading some magazine. I was caught up in the drill of feeding cerelac to a teething toddler, so in a hurry we exchanged a few words. After this, back to our own worlds.

To freshen up , she dabbed on her make up and walked out with aplomb and a smile mutely saying good bye – with her baby bump (probably second trimester) and a polio-impaired leg.

Having gone through the overwhelming experience of being first time mother, she left me with question marks hovering over my head. I couldn't help but over think about the equation between disability and motherhood. Like how uncomfortable it must be for her to travel in this condition all by herself and a pair of crutches, will she be alright ?



Waking up at 3 am in the morning to catch up a flight is not exciting especially on Monday. That was the start of this week to Kanyakumari via Trivandrum.

It was my fourth visit to this place but every time I come back here it never fails to refresh my childhood I need to write with whom I might have visited at the age of 3 ;-) I stayed at Nagercoil which is the HQ of Kanyakumari district.


East Africa Visit & Safari Tales

Hey Jambo ! Karibu....

The reply will come Asante Sana !

Jambo means hi how are you , Karibu welcome, Asante Thanks, Sana Many. Now the most heard word Karibu is inscribed on my wall now as a memory. I was there for 3 three weeks, one week in Nairobi and 2 weeks in Dar Es Salaam with on an off for site visits. Well the trip was hell lot hectic, starting from here to Nairobi via Dubai.And the day was not ending..I was gaining time. Seems like that night would never come.