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Gore Hain to Kya Hua ?

With frequent skype calls i have realized i look horrible, so much so that, i keep looking at my own pic as how am i looking or like is it really me types. 

And in between couldn't help but notice, Sinha Ji's improved complexion. 

And the funniest part is when I asked so how is everything there ?

He took a deep breath (sign of something serious he is about to blurt) and then said, "Yeh log gore to bahut hote hain" !

I was like what ? You are an open racist out there !

That's for a fact that Indians are most discriminatory in nature ( someone had told me from their international NGO experience). 

And she also said, that the most "superiority complex"ones are the Arabs. And i had experienced this on Dubai airport, very much to my horror on my first international flight (alone).


Bathroom Reading Benefits

Saving things/ghee pot from unsolicited use can be tiresome. Though i have been successful in playing peek-ta-boo on a daily basis for a while now; its just that poor loo is facing the after math. Ms H's has refused to enter the fortress of peace and me-time zone of our house even on weekends. Though negotiations are on and it looks like matter will be sorted towards month end, 31st is a magic number. What needs to be noted here, that, our bravo comfort station parched for a drop of harpic is not complaining at all, standing all alone in the times of recession. 

May be not that alone, newspapers are there for little chit chat and our lil one's potty seat. Khoob jamega rang jab mil baithenge teen yaar. 

The wash basin counter is no longer in sight but our soggy RaGa, NaMo and AK45 on the newspaper. No one is clearing the read, old newspapers and its alright. Its a sign how seriously newspaper reading is taken in a house, after all reading is a good habit and needs a life time to inculcate.


Ek Slice Bread : Won't Quit on You, Ever !

Snoozing your alarm beyond a point can make you miss the most important door bell of the morning. And it means your taaza morning is gone testing the efficacy of vim bar with no Ram Kapur and Priya  by your side, just mumbling and fuming. 

Thank god today was not such a morning. But something else was in store.

How can i spent hours in the rush hours of morning, on a paint website without the help of Ask Aparna to chose pastel hues is beyond logic, almost touching insanity to my Roarky. And when i was so engrossed in the do or die decision of lives, the ever 'i am getting late-  i have a con call' daddy in the house pressed the quickr button on me for some bread toasts.


Blogging is Not for Sissies. Thank You.

Why do we blog, manage a web log of our thoughts without the fear of being judged or labelled by the readers. 

I can place a bet that my English teacher, Ms Prerna Pandey "Mam where are you?" would laugh out loud if ever she comes to know about her struggling literature student writing a blog open to public. Now i wish i had listened to your lectures more carefully, when you used to emphasize on the importance of writing a daily dairy. But i somehow never understood, how on earth in the presence of an alert mother back home, a teenager can bare it all in a dairy and ask for "aa bail mujhe maar". For my mom, making greeting cards and collage for friends was akin to killing time.

My creative hat has been crushed long back under the pressure of appearing in entrance exams and getting first class throughout with distinction; but still i am still donning the tattered one shamelessly.  


Sholay Unplugged Version : 2014

Gopalan Cinema Matinee Show, Bannerghatta Road

After Chatti, Annaprasan, Mundan, First Birthday, one more ritual an Indian toddler celebrate and its equal to achieving a milestone...their brief brush with Bollywood. Very much part of our lives and be of your little one too, sooner or later. When she will grow up to question us, looks that time is not very far, she will taunt, why we chose this movie (almost 39 years old). As her friends would have made a debut in Bollywood with not such an oldie.

But on reading this post, she will understand why we the visionaries did it. And like her nana-nani I will also take her to movies only on one condition, like, we were supposed to answer during our movie outing...what were the lessons learnt ? Her nana ji is quite adamant on having this discussion after every flick. Even now, we discuss all this movie stuff on phone. They watch movies latest by Saturday but i am not that fast particularly these days.

Getting three generations of Sinhas together for a movie was a difficult task, has it not been Sholay - a classic from 1975.

The exponential growth curve of age went up and up like...sanvi, her chachu, mummy, papa, dadi and dada, respectively. There is no quizzing atleast with this set of family. The movie is actually a todu one, with entertainment quotient for anybody between a toddler and senior citizen, such is its charisma. We stepped in to a house full theatre brimming with movie buffs, cruised to our aisle seats, grabbed our popcorns and colas, little scared of the toddler accompanying us than the Gabbar.


Facebook or Fakebook - Likaria Infection on the Rise

If a survey is to be conducted, to identify the most overworked organ of the body...a unanimous winner will be the 'Left hand Side Thumb"...'Thumbs Up' ! When Charles Darwin was growing his hair on pretext of solving the human evolution puzzle, little did he wondered about this physiological metamorphosis of human limb and how surreal its existence is going to be for Fakebook. Or if years ago Coca Cola knew the worth of its taste the thunder logo, Mark would have had to pay a fortune to buy its royalty.

Due to over working of this trivial organ and building up stress on "Thumbs Up" a pandemic disease called "Likaria" is on the rise, which attacks in during teenage or any and by the time you reach mid 30s or within a year, it almost becomes incurable. 


LSD: Love for Sale aur Discounts

Before giving a lecture on moral policing as to why I left the theatre in interval while wathcing Love Sex aur Dhokha I should share the pain resulted from my Love for Sale to get what Discounts no boss...Dhoka !

If diamond's are our best friend, to be present in the vicinity of something screaming SALE SALE SALE is a women's birth right."Do we actually need this" option doesn't exist when you are intoxicated with the drug of  LSD. The drug is an instant booster and gives you a courage to enter an overcrowded store with long queue in front of trial rooms, disillusionment of losing weight within two months to get fit into the skirt/t-shirt, finally a sense of relaxation when your size and color is available...The effect diminishes after 30 minutes or so when a abstained mobile banking SMS comes on your screen telling the account balance ! (debit card holders regain senses relatively quicker than credit card users).


Need a Weekend Planner

Its a weekend and I am upto nowhere as to what I am going to do.

Actually, last weekend was just spent in running around and getting a new phone for myself. The criteria was the most cheapest one available with music player. I managed to get one though P and D has been quite disturbed with this fact. Ms P  madam has been using a phone which is more than her salary.  But I don't blame her, I was alike when I got my first pay check five years back. Second thing which is going to disturb P is that I have a holiday tomorrow.